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Gloria Anzaldúa: Inter-American Philosopher

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This panel presents the work of Gloria Anzaldúa as an American philosopher, precisely by presenting her as an Inter-American philosopher, extending Walter Mignolo’s identification of Anzaldúa as a “border thinker” (2000) by reading her work as philosophy. Against the academic trend of reading Anzaldúa as a feminist, queer theorist, Chicana activist, poet, new-age spiritualist, etc.—rather than a philosopher—we read her as all of those things and philosopher. Similarly, we present the Inter-American—e.g., Mexican, indigenous, and United Statesian—strains and affinities of Anzaldúa’s thinking as American. In short, each paper develops the shared meta-thesis that Gloria Anzaldúa’s work can teach us a great deal about how to be an American philosopher when we take up her work as a rich exploration of the many worlds and experiences that have been (and frequently still are) excluded by the words “American philosophy”.


Alexander Stehn    
University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
United States

Kim Diaz    
University of Texas-El Paso
United States

Cynthia Paccacerqua    
University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
United States


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