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“Home-Making” and “World-Traveling”: Conceiving the Self Within the Space-Between in Transnational Feminist Thought

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In this essay, I examine the theoretical space-between, in transnational feminist thought through the lens of a metaphysics of belonging framed by notions of travel and home. In line with a feminist pragmatist critical framework, my intent in the essay is to examine the space-between among Inter-American feminist thinkers, such as Gloria Anzaldúa, Bernice Reagon Johnson, Mariana Ortega and Chandra Mohanty, as it relates to the development of conceptions of the self and community. While fixed and rigid notions of home threaten the liberatory potential of Maria Lugones’ important notion of world travel, my basic aim in this essay is to show how “world-traveling” is associated with a correlate concept of “home-making” as theorized by Yen Li Espiritu’s work surrounding the lives of Filipino Americans thus providing an important contribution in thinking about a socialized conception of the self.


Celia Bardwell-Jones    
University of Hawai'i at Hilo
United States


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