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There and Back Again, or, The Pragmatists' Holiday

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This panel examines the exchanges between some of the classical America pragmatists and the traditional German idealists, emphasizing the rhythmic tensions at play. The Germans and the Pragmatists critiqued one another, and it is in and through these rejections that new ideas emerge. The first paper examines Dewey's critiques of Kantian self-consciousness and morality, and how these critiques intersect. The second paper focuses on the German reception (and rejection) of American pragmatism, and the American response to that rejection. The final paper examines the liminality of language and semeoisis in Peirce and Karl-Otto Apel. The papers in this panel provide specific examples of German-American exchanges and receptions, but also allow us to see philosophy from a broader perspective. Each paper is a part of the organic whole of philosophy, and, through the tensions between the parts, we can see the fertile dialectical grounds for fruitful new ideas to be born.


Laura Mueller    
Luther College
United States

Christina Bleyer    
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
United States

Elizabeth Hartman    
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
United States


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