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The Practice and Theory of Direct Action in America"

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The aim of this proposed panel is to explore the interrelationship between the practice and theory within the history of the American tradition of direct action by bringing political theorists and proponents of direct action together in dialogue with political activists who identify themselves and their work with the American tradition of direct action and who have been informed and inspired by American political philosophy. This boundary-spanning format draws upon American philosophy’s long-standing commitment to engaged, relevant, public philosophy. Indeed, a lack of interaction between academic philosophers with their engaged counterparts is especially confounding and disturbing precisely because American philosophy is so well-equipped to bridge this divide. To this end, the panel explores how one might engage in social justice movements as an American philosopher and public scholar.


Crispin Sartwell    
Dickinson College
United States

Frank McMillan    
Industrial Areas Foundation
United States

Bill Moyer    
The Backbone Campaign
United States

Danielle Lake    
Grand Valley State University
United States


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