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Author Meets Critics: Paul Thompson's FROM FIELD TO FORK

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A discussion of Paul Thompson’s most recent work gives conference participants an opportunity to engage in a philosophical discussion about a number of important contemporary food issues, including food biotechnology, animal eating, and food and body size. Given the magnitude of public attention being paid to these issues—and the amount of coverage given to them by the popular press—it is worthwhile and significant for philosophers to take up the topics as philosophers. Thompson’s book gives us the opportunity to do so. This work is well positioned to function as a course text for ethics courses, as well as courses in environmental philosophy. An increasing number of philosophy faculty are teaching courses in which food plays an important role. Discussing Thompson’s book thus serves a practical pedagogical purpose for members of the society.


Lisa Heldke    
Gustavus Adolphus College
United States

Heather Keith    
Green Mountain College
United States

Erin McKenna    
Pacific Lutheran University/University of Oregon at Eugene
United States

Paul Thompson    
Michigan State University


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