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Author Meets Critics: Steven Fesmire's "Dewey" (Routledge, 2015)

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Abstract: In recent years, a genre of introduction to philosophical figures and movements for non-specialists has gained in popularity.  These introductions aim to be neither too cursory nor too laden with academic detail. Fesmire’s is the latest. There are really only three other contributions to this new introductory genre: James Campbell’s (Understanding John Dewey; Open Court, 1995), Raymond Boisvert (John Dewey: Rethinking Our Time; SUNY, 1998) and Hildebrand's (Dewey: A Beginner's Guide; Oxford: Oneworld, 2008). Fesmire's book is a unique and substantial addition and should be critically discussed. The session would provide an opportunity for the American philosophical community to assess the interpretation and converse with Fesmire about how he came to this particular take on Dewey. Two of these three authors will be Fesmire’s critics: David Hildebrand and James Campbell.


David Hildebrand    
University of Colorado Denver
United States

James Campbell    
University of Toledo

Steven Fesmire    
Green Mountain College


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