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Thursday, 3 March 2016
London GrillTBD
Helen Tartar Book Exhibit Registration
Concurrent Session I
Parliament 1-2-3Windsor RoomBrighton RoomCrystal BallroomParliament 4
Session I.A. Panel: Environmental Pragmatism and the Language of Democratic DeliberationZachary PisoEnvironmental Pragmatism And The Language Of Democratic DeliberationZachary Piso, Michigan State University; Tess Varner, University of Georgia; Joseph Tuminello, University of North Texas Session I.B. Traditional Papers on Art and AestheticsMike RingsUrban Art As Urban EthicsCynthia Willett, EmoryFeeling Beyond Form: Dewey’s Aesthetics, The Unconscious, And DecayBethany Henning, Southern Illinois UniversityAlbert Spencer Session I.C. Panel: There and Back Again, or, The Pragmatists' HolidayChristina BleyerThere And Back Again, Or, The Pragmatists' HolidayLaura Mueller, Luther College; Christina Bleyer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Elizabeth Hartman, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Session I.D. Panel: Latina Feminists: Bearing Witness to the InvisibleEduardo MenietaLatina Feminists: Bearing Witness To The InvisibleEduardo Mendieta, The Pennsylvania State University; Emma Velez, The Pennsylvania State University; Lori Gallegos de Castillo, SUNY Stony Brook University Session I.E. Author Meets Critics: Steven Fesmire's "Dewey"David HildebrandAuthor Meets Critics: Steven Fesmire's "dewey" (routledge, 2015)David Hildebrand, University of Colorado Denver; James Campbell, University of Toledo; Steven Fesmire, Green Mountain College
Refreshment Break (for all registrants) (London Grill)
Concurrent Session II
Parliament 4Windsor RoomBrighton RoomParliament 1-2-3Crystal Ballroom
Session II.A. George Santayana SocietyGlenn TillerNancy Ogle, University of Maine, "Santayana and Voice"

Richard Rubin, Washington University in St. Louis, "Santayana and the Arts"

Martin Coleman, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, "Commentary on Richard Rubin's 'Santayana and the Arts'"
Session II.B. Discussion Papers on Belief and DoubtRobert LaneGenuine Belief And Genuine Doubt In PeirceJeff Kasser, Colorado State UniversityCrafted Texts And Historical Contexts: Rethinking The Inclusivity Of James's "the Will To Believe"Ermine L. Algaier IV, Harvard Divinity SchoolRobert King Session II.C. Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy: Intersections in Afri-American ThoughtAlfred E. PrettymanKris Sealey, Fairfield University, “A Critical Cosmopolitanism in Melville’s Moby Dick”

Tanya Rodriguez, Sacramento City College, “On Indigenous Aesthetics”
Session II.D. Rhetoric Society of AmericaPaul Stob, Vanderbilt University, “The Role of Popular Audiences in the Development of American Pragmatism”

Robert Danisch, University of Waterloo, “The Promise of Rhetorical Pragmatism”

Kaitlyn G. Patia, Pennsylvania State University, “Democratic Faith: Rhetoric and Activism in the American Pragmatism Tradition”

Jeremy David Swartz, University of Oregon. “The Role of Curation as Rhetorical Inquiry in Pragmatist Aesthetics”
Session II.E. Panel: The New Civics: Pragmatist InterventionsSione FillimoehalaThe New Civics: Pragmatist InterventionsSharyn Clough, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, Oregon State University; Mark Tschaepe, Division of Social Work, Behavioral, and Political Sciences, Prairie View A&M; Rob Figueroa, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, Oregon State University; Stephanie Jenkins, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, Oregon State University
Plenary I: Address by Carlos Alberto Sánchez (San Jose State University)
“Twentieth Century Mexican Philosophy for a 21st Century Inter-American Philosophy” (Crystal Ballroom)Introduction by Gregory Pappas, Texas A&M University
Reception (London Grill)
Friday, 4 March 2016
London GrillCrystal Ballroom
Continental Breakfast Graduate Student Meeting
London GrillTBD
Helen Tartar Book Exhibit Registration
Concurrent Session III
Windsor RoomCrystal BallroomBrighton RoomParliament 1-2-3Parliament 4
Session III.A. Discussion Papers on Anti-Racist Comportment and AgencyLee McBrideEmerson, Race, And The Conduct Of LifeJohn LysakerPragmatism, New Materialism, And The Study Of Institutionalized Racism: An Agent Ontology ApproachJerry Rosiek, University of OregonMyron Jackson Session III.B. Sánchez Plenary Follow Up PanelJosé-Antonio OroscoRocio Alvarez, Texas A&M University

Robert Sanchez, College of William & Mary

Grant Silva, Marquette University

Carlos Sánchez, San Jose State University
Session III.C. Panel: Heritage of Women Philosophers in the Americas: Thinking, Feeling, Expressing, and LivingBarbara LoweHeritage Of Women Philosophers In The Americas: Thinking, Feeling, Expressing, And LivingAnne Waters, Independent Scholar; Larissa Rogoski , Southern Illinois University Carbondale; John August, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Eli Kramer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Session III.D. Author Meets Critics: Paul Thompson, "From Field to Fork"Kim GarcharAuthor Meets Critics: Paul Thompson's From Field To ForkLisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College; Heather Keith, Green Mountain College; Erin McKenna, Pacific Lutheran University/University of Oregon at Eugene; Paul Thompson, Michigan State University Session III.E. Discussion Papers on Ethics in William James and Richard RortyNate JacksonThe Marriage Of Ideals And Strenuous Actions: Exploring William James’ Account Of Significant LifeTodd Lekan , Muskingum UniversityRorty And James On Irony, Moral Commitment, And The Ethics Of BeliefChristopher Voparil, Union Institute & UniversityMegan Mustain
Refreshment Break (for all registrants) (London Grill)
Plenary II: Coss Dialogue Lecture: Charles R. Johnson, University of Washington
"At the Crossroad of Philosophy and Literature" (Crystal Ballroom)Introduction by Richard Hart, Bloomfield College
Windsor RoomLittle London
Lunch on your own Lunchtime Book Discussion: Seth Vannatta, Morgan State University, "Conservatism and Pragmatism"Please bring your own lunch. SAAP Board Meeting (Lunch Served)
Concurrent Session IV
Crystal BallroomWindsor RoomBrighton RoomParliament 1-2-3Parliament 4
Session IV.A. Coss Dialogue Follow Up PanelRichard HartMichael Boylan, Marymount University, Virginia

Eduardo Mendieta, Penn State University

Charles Johnson, University of Washington
Session IV.B. Author Meets Critics: Russell Goodman, "American Philosophy before Pragmatism"Thomas AlexanderAuthor Meets Critics: American Philosophy Before Pragmatism (oxford University Press, 2015)Ken Stikkers, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Melvin Rogers, UCLA; Roger Ward, Georgetown College; Russell Goodman, University of New Mexico Session IV.C. Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy: Chinese Traditions in the Philosophical Movements of the AmericasLara Mitias, Antioch College
"The Conversion of Opposites: Speculative Metaphysics and the Appreciation of Beauty."

Mathew A. Foust, Central Connecticut State University
"Have No Friend Unlike Yourself: Emerson's Confucian Notion of Friendship."

Gail Presbey, University of Detroit Mercy
"The Ethics of Compassion in the Amuesha of Peru Compared and Contrasted with Ancient Chinese Mohism and Daoism"

Discussant: Douglas L. Berger, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Session IV.D. Discussion Papers on Diplomacy and StruggleMaurice HamingtonWhen Inquiry Is Blocked: Addams's "personal Reactions During War"Marilyn Fischer, University of DaytonContesting Injustice: Why Pragmatist Political Thought Needs Du BoisColin Koopman, Univ. of OregonRandall Auxier Session IV.E. Traditional Papers on Alternative Modes of ExpressionDavid BoersemaPhilosophical, Existential, Letter Writing: A Look At Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz's “reply” And Gloria Anzaldúa's “speaking In Tongues”Margaret Newton, University of Oregon, Department of PhilosophyPerformative And Critical Interpretation In Music: A Nondualistic Peircean ApproachFelicia Kruse, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleGlenn Kuehn
Refreshment Break (for all registrants) (London Grill)
Concurrent Session V
Crystal BallroomBrighton RoomWindsor RoomParliament 1-2-3
Session V.A. Alain Locke Society: Honoring the Centennial of Alain Locke's Address on "Race Contacts and Interracial Relations"Greg Moses, Texas State University, "Toward an Integrated Preclusion of White Supremacy: Peirce's Agapism, Dewey's Democracy, James' Will, Locke's Parity, and King's Triple Evils"

Dwayne Tunstall, Grand Valley State University, "Post-Black is the Newest New Negro: Alain Locke’s Ethnic Race and the Prospects for a Post-Black Identity"

Jacoby Adeshei Carter, CUNY: John Jay College, “Alain Locke’s Philosophy of Race: Substitutionism and Partial Eliminativism”
Session V.B. Traditional Papers on The Transition from Idealism to Immediate EmpiricismPhil OliverEmerson’s Struggle: A Prelude To Radical EmpiricismMichael E. Brady, Parkland CollegeThe Philosophy Of Subjective Spirit As Dewey's "permanent Deposit" Of GeistAaron Shepherd, Emory UniversityNicholas Guardiano Session V.C. Panel: Gloria Anzaldúa: Inter-American PhilosopherAlexander StehnGloria Anzaldúa: Inter-american PhilosopherAlexander Stehn, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley; Kim Diaz, University of Texas-El Paso; Cynthia Paccacerqua, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley Session V.D. Discussion Papers on José Carlos Mariátegui and Luis Villoro: Political PhilosophyJayne TristanAt The Crossroads Of Liberation Theology And Liberation Philosophy: José Carlos Mariátegui’s “new Sense” Of ReligionChristopher Tirres, DePaulZapatismo, Luis Villoro, And American Pragmatism On Democracy, Power, And InjusticeGregory Pappas, Texas A & M UniversityTerrance MacMullan
Dinner on your own
Saturday, 5 March 2016
Registration (TBD)
Helen Tartar Book Exhibit (London Grill)
London GrillWindsor Room
Continental Breakfast Jane Collective MeetingBring your continental breakfast to the meeting.
Concurrent Session VI
Windsor RoomCrystal BallroomBrighton RoomParliament 4Parliament 1-2-3
Session VI.A. Society for Mexican American PhilosophyAlejandro SantanaAndrew Soto, Texas A&M University, “Mexican-American Philosophy and a New Episteme: A Sociodiagnosis Rupturing the Western Creation of Man, Humanity and Symbolic Order”

José-Antonio Orosco, Oregon State University, ““Upon the Gothic ashes”: Lorenzo de Zavala and Emerson on the Nature of Slavery and White Supremacy in the United States of North America”

Grant Silva, Marquette University, “Racism as Self-Love and the Preservation of Racial Privilege”

Session VI.B. Panel: Pragmatism and the Sciences: Retrospect and ProspectMark JohnsonPragmatism And The Sciences: Retrospect And ProspectDonald Dryden, Duke University; Matthew Brown, University of Texas at Dallas; Charles Carlson, Sam Houston State UniversityLarry Hickman Session VI.C. Traditional Papers on Cultural Critique and Richard RortySharyn CloughFeminism And Historicist Universalism: A Critical Analysis Of Richard Rorty’s Anti-universalismYoujin Kong, Michigan State UniversityOn The Radicalism Of Rorty's Cultural PoliticsDavid Rondel, University of NevadaMark Sanders Session VI.D. Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy: French Pragmatism?Colin KoopmanStephane Madelrieux, Univ. of Lyon 3, "Pragmatism and Metaphysics: the French Case"

Bonnie Sheehey, University of Oregon, "Nomadic Methodologies: William James and the Ambulatory Pragmatism of Bruno Latour."

Discussant: Russell Goodman, University of New Mexico
Session VI.E. Association of Feminist Ethics and Social Theory: Pragmatist Feminist Ethics: Theory and ApplicationMaurice Hamington, Portland State University, “Care Ethics and Emergent Normativity”

Ben Kenofer, Michigan State University, “Attending to Shortcomings of Attentiveness: Care Ethics and Epistemic Injustice”

Deniz Durmus, John Carroll University, “A Pragmatist Feminist Analysis of Gezi Resistance in Turkey”

Chaone Mallory, Villanova University, “Feminist Care Ethics and Interspecies Politics: Caring About the Subject”
Refreshment Break (for all registrants) (London Grill)
Concurrent Session VII
Crystal BallroomWindsor RoomBrighton RoomParliament 1-2-3Parliament 4
Session VII.A. Caribbean Philosophical Association: Shifting American Geographies of ReasonRosario Torres-Guevara, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY, “Caribbean Philosophical Inspirations in Shifting the Community College Curriculum”

Douglas Ficek, University of New Haven, “Epistemic Independence and/as Epistemic Closure: Reflections on Alexis de Tocqueville, C.L.R. James, and Lewis R. Gordon”

Stephen Nathan Haymes, DePaul University, “New Materialism and Africana Ecology of Place”
Session VII.B. Traditional Papers on Guilt and DenialKelvin BoothIntra-american Philosophy In Practice: Indigenous Voice, Felt Knowledge, And Settler DenialAnna Cook, University of OregonHaunting Guilt, Communities Of Memory, And The Process Of AtonementKara Barnette, Westminster College-Salt Lake CityJudy Whipps Session VII.C. Traditional Papers on Social Ontology in Mary Parker FollettJustin BellToward A Philosophical Unison: Mary Parker Follett’s Relational OntologyMartina Ferrari, University of OregonMeeting The Indigenous Halfway: Mary Parker Follett's New Materialist PoliticsLauren Eichler, University of OregonDorothy Rogers Session VII.D. Discussion Papers on John Dewey: Philosophical Assumptions and PracticesGary HersteinIs Dewey Guilty Of The Philosophical Fallacy?Alain Beauclair, MacEwan UniversityRefiguring Art And Craft In Dewey: Aesthetics As If Practice MatteredKevin S. Decker, Eastern Washington UniversityStuart Rosenbaum Session VII.E. The Ralph Waldo Emerson SocietyAustin Bailey, CUNY-Hunter College, “Not Enough of Labor: Thinking as Doing in Emerson and James”

Jason Hoppe, US Military Academy at West Point, "Mysticisim and the Form of Emersonian Gospels"

Joseph Urbas, University of Bordeaux, France, "'The Man with No Senses': Bronson Alcott's Idealism and Its Impact on Emerson's Philosophy"

Roger Thompson, Stony Brook University, "Emerson, and the Democratization of Plato's 'True Rhetoric'"
Lunch on your own
SAAP Board Meeting (Little London)
Josiah Royce Society Business Meeting (Brighton Room)
Concurrent Session VIII
Windsor RoomBrighton RoomParliament 1-2-3Parliament 4Crystal Ballroom
Session VIII.A. Discussion Papers on Interstitial Spaces and IdentitiesKathleen WallaceDouble Consciousness And 'mestiza' Consciousness: Explicating Lived Experience In A Time When The Color Line Is A Key ProblemJacqueltyn Kegley, CSU, Bakersfield“home-making” And “world-traveling”: Conceiving The Self Within The Space-between In Transnational Feminist ThoughtCelia Bardwell-Jones, University of Hawai'i at HiloCelena Simpson Session VIII.B. Traditional Papers on Pragmatist Political PhilosophyKatherine LoganFrom Sidekick To Center Stage: William James’s Political Theory And The Progressive EraMichael Magee, University of OregonDefending Deweyan Democracy From “peircean” PragmatismWesley Dempster, Bowling Green State UniversityJohn Min Session VIII.C. Perspectives on Indigenous Philosophies in the AmericasScott PrattAllison Davis-White Eyes, Oregon State University

Kyle Powys Whyte, Michigan State University

James Maffie, University of Maryland
Session VIII.D. New Scholarship in American PhilosophyJoshua SkorburgRocio Alvarez, Texas A&M University, “Mestizajé & Colorblind Ideology: From Bolívar to Zea and Latin@ Identity Issues in the U.S."

Emma McClure, University of Toronto, “Beyond “Will to Believe”: A Historical Solution to the Wrong Kinds of Reasons Debate”

Jared Kemling, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, “Bruce Wilshire on John Dewey’s Lack of Mythic Consciousness"

Discussant: Kim Garchar, Kent State University
Session VIII.E. Panel: The Practice and Theory of Direct Action in AmericaKen StikkersThe Practice And Theory Of Direct Action In America"Crispin Sartwell, Dickinson College; Frank McMillan, Industrial Areas Foundation; Bill Moyer, The Backbone Campaign; Danielle Lake, Grand Valley State University
Plenary III
SAAP Business Meeting (Cambridge Oxford Room)
Plenary IV
President's Address: "The Need for Reciprocity and Respect in Philosophy" (Cambridge Oxford Room)Erin McKenna, Pacific Lutheran University/University of Oregon at Eugene

Introduction by Scott Pratt, University of Oregon
Cash Bar (Mayfair Ballroom)
Banquet and Awards (Mayfair Ballroom)


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