SAAP 2016

At-a-Glance Program

Thursday, 3 March
11:30–17:00Helen Tartar Book Exhibit
13:20–15:00Concurrent Session I
 Session I.A. Panel: Environmental Pragmatism and the Language of Democratic Deliberation
 Session I.B. Traditional Papers on Art and Aesthetics
 Session I.C. Panel: There and Back Again, or, The Pragmatists' Holiday
 Session I.D. Panel: Latina Feminists: Bearing Witness to the Invisible
 Session I.E. Author Meets Critics: Steven Fesmire's "Dewey"
15:00–15:20Refreshment Break (for all registrants)
15:20–17:00Concurrent Session II
 Session II.A. George Santayana Society
 Session II.B. Discussion Papers on Belief and Doubt
 Session II.C. Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy: Intersections in Afri-American Thought
 Session II.D. Rhetoric Society of America
 Session II.E. Panel: The New Civics: Pragmatist Interventions
18:00–20:00Plenary I: Address by Carlos Alberto Sánchez (San Jose State University)
 “Twentieth Century Mexican Philosophy for a 21st Century Inter-American Philosophy”
Friday, 4 March
07:30–08:30Continental Breakfast
 Graduate Student Meeting
08:00–17:00Helen Tartar Book Exhibit
08:30–10:10Concurrent Session III
 Session III.A. Discussion Papers on Anti-Racist Comportment and Agency
 Session III.B. Sánchez Plenary Follow Up Panel
 Session III.C. Panel: Heritage of Women Philosophers in the Americas: Thinking, Feeling, Expressing, and Living
 Session III.D. Author Meets Critics: Paul Thompson, "From Field to Fork"
 Session III.E. Discussion Papers on Ethics in William James and Richard Rorty
10:10–10:30Refreshment Break (for all registrants)
10:30–11:40Plenary II: Coss Dialogue Lecture: Charles R. Johnson, University of Washington
 "At the Crossroad of Philosophy and Literature"
11:40–13:20Lunch on your own
 Lunchtime Book Discussion: Seth Vannatta, Morgan State University, "Conservatism and Pragmatism"
 SAAP Board Meeting (Lunch Served)
13:20–15:00Concurrent Session IV
 Session IV.A. Coss Dialogue Follow Up Panel
 Session IV.B. Author Meets Critics: Russell Goodman, "American Philosophy before Pragmatism"
 Session IV.C. Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy: Chinese Traditions in the Philosophical Movements of the Americas
 Session IV.D. Discussion Papers on Diplomacy and Struggle
 Session IV.E. Traditional Papers on Alternative Modes of Expression
15:00–15:20Refreshment Break (for all registrants)
15:20–17:00Concurrent Session V
 Session V.A. Alain Locke Society: Honoring the Centennial of Alain Locke's Address on "Race Contacts and Interracial Relations"
 Session V.B. Traditional Papers on The Transition from Idealism to Immediate Empiricism
 Session V.C. Panel: Gloria Anzaldúa: Inter-American Philosopher
 Session V.D. Discussion Papers on José Carlos Mariátegui and Luis Villoro: Political Philosophy
18:00–21:00Dinner on your own
Saturday, 5 March
08:00–12:00Helen Tartar Book Exhibit
08:00–09:00Continental Breakfast
 Jane Collective Meeting
09:00–10:40Concurrent Session VI
 Session VI.A. Society for Mexican American Philosophy
 Session VI.B. Panel: Pragmatism and the Sciences: Retrospect and Prospect
 Session VI.C. Traditional Papers on Cultural Critique and Richard Rorty
 Session VI.D. Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy: French Pragmatism?
 Session VI.E. Association of Feminist Ethics and Social Theory: Pragmatist Feminist Ethics: Theory and Application
10:40–11:00Refreshment Break (for all registrants)
11:00–12:40Concurrent Session VII
 Session VII.A. Caribbean Philosophical Association: Shifting American Geographies of Reason
 Session VII.B. Traditional Papers on Guilt and Denial
 Session VII.C. Traditional Papers on Social Ontology in Mary Parker Follett
 Session VII.D. Discussion Papers on John Dewey: Philosophical Assumptions and Practices
 Session VII.E. The Ralph Waldo Emerson Society
12:40–14:30Lunch on your own
12:40–14:10SAAP Board Meeting
12:40–13:40Josiah Royce Society Business Meeting
14:30–16:10Concurrent Session VIII
 Session VIII.A. Discussion Papers on Interstitial Spaces and Identities
 Session VIII.B. Traditional Papers on Pragmatist Political Philosophy
 Session VIII.C. Perspectives on Indigenous Philosophies in the Americas
 Session VIII.D. New Scholarship in American Philosophy
 Session VIII.E. Panel: The Practice and Theory of Direct Action in America
16:30–17:30Plenary III
 SAAP Business Meeting
17:30–18:30Plenary IV
 President's Address: "The Need for Reciprocity and Respect in Philosophy"
18:30–21:00Cash Bar
19:00–21:00Banquet and Awards


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