SAAP Annual Meeting 2015

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The Exploration of Exploitation in Industrial Farming

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This project evaluates the practices of the current livestock industry by looking at examples of smaller local farming practices. Using American pragmatism, we can evaluate how smaller scale farming styles can help deal with issues related to animal welfare left largely unaddressed in our current system. Though some in the past have dealt with issues related to animal exploitation, most have done so in a ways which that are dogmatic. We highlight the dangers of continuing our current industrial farming practices and use Jane Addams to show an example in which an animal like bison could possibly be brought into this system if we do not change. We suggest that pragmatic, open dialogue and education about animal welfare issues can be used to alleviate concerns about the current industrialized livestock system.


McKenzie Williams    
Pacific Lutheran University
United States

Kelli Blechschmidt    
Pacific Lutheran University
United States


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