SAAP Annual Meeting 2015

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Toward a Philosophy of Sustainability: Engaging Eco-Pragmatism in the Classroom Panel Discussion Submission

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In the face of unprecedented environmental conflicts, ranging from deforestation and increasing waterborne disease to global climate change, it is critical to prepare students to become citizens who are well-equipped to address such concerns. In this panel discussion, we consider how Pragmatist pedagogical tools can improve environmental education. The four papers bring together resources of Pragmatism and environmental philosophy in order to take on various problems related to environmental pedagogy. Each panel participant seeks to find realistic and practical approaches to classroom teaching that take seriously our connectedness to each other and to the natural world, while avoiding certain insidious problems, like, for example, cultural appropriation, that can diminish the effectiveness of the educational experience. Papers will draw broadly on the work of John Dewey and other Classical Pragmatist thinkers, from Thoreau to F.S. Schiller.


Tess Varner    
University of Georgia
United States

Justin Bell    
University of Houston - Victoria
United States

David Henderson    
Western Carolina University
United States

Randy Spencer    
Portland State University
United States


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