SAAP Annual Meeting 2015

At-a-Glance Program

Thursday, 5 March
12:00–17:00Helen Tartar Book Exhibit
13:00–14:40Author Meets Critics
 Discussion Papers on the Human Condition and American Pragmatism
 Panel: Pragmatism and Religion: Peirce, Sustaining Grace, and the Sustainable Moral Self
 Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy: Engagements Between American and Asian Traditions
 Traditional Papers on Care Ethics and Pragmatist Frictions
14:40–15:00Refreshment Break
15:00–16:40Caribbean Philosophical Association: Articulating ‘America’ through Global Southern Resources
 Discussion Papers on Justice and Environmental Ethics
 Panel: Dewey and The Contemporary Arts: A Conversation
 Traditional Papers on Pragmatist Materialism and Rorty
 Traditional Papers on Relational Realism and Post Humanism
17:30–19:00Panel on Urban Sustainability
Friday, 6 March
08:00–17:00Helen Tartar Book Exhibit
08:00–09:00Continental Breakfast
08:05–08:45Josiah Royce Society Business Meeting
09:00–10:40Host Institution Panel: Teaching Sustainability at Grand Valley State University: The Pedagogy and Practicality of Community-Engaged, Experiential Learning
 Panel: Old Assumptions Still Rampant: Lessons Learned from the Interchange of C.I. Lewis with His Critics
 Poster Session
 The Ralph Waldo Emerson Society: Emerson and Ethics
 Traditional Papers on Integration and Discussion Based Query
 Traditional Papers on Naturalism and Sustainability
10:40–11:00Refreshment Break
11:00–12:40Coss Dialogue Lecture
12:40–14:00Lunch on your own
 SAAP Board Meeting
14:00–15:40Coss Dialogue Follow-Up Session
 Panel: Melville and Philosophy
 Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy
 The Wilfrid Sellars Society
 Traditional Papers on Sustainability and Aesthetics
15:40–16:00Refreshment Break
16:00–17:40Author Meets Critics
 European Pragmatism Association: Believe It or Not
 New Scholarship in American Philosophy: Explorations in American Philosophy, From Nature to Method
 Panel: Into the Streets: American Philosophy, Community Outreach, and Street Cred
 Traditional Papers on Dewey, Religion and Moral Education
17:50–19:00SAAP Graduate Student Business Meeting
18:00–20:00Dinner on your own
 Group Meetings
Saturday, 7 March
08:00–12:00Helen Tartar Book Exhibit
08:00–09:00Contintental Breakfast
 Group Meeting: Jane Collective
09:00–10:40Panel: Nature and the Authentication of Religious Belief
 Public Philosophy Network: Fishbowl Forum on Pragmatism, Public Philosophy & Public Work
 Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
 Traditional Papers on George Herbert Mead and Edwin B. Holt
 Traditional Papers on William James
10:40–11:00Refreshment Break
11:00–12:40Author Meets Critics
 Author Meets Critics
 Discussion Papers on Pluralism, Feminism and Social Ethics
 Panel: William James in Dialogue
 Society for U.S. Intellectual History: The Rise and Fall of Scientific Humanism in the Twentieth Century
12:40–14:00Lunch on your own
 SAAP Board Meeting
14:00–15:40Invited Society: Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
 Panel: Science, Naturalism, and the Advancement of American Philosophy
 Panel: Toward a Philosophy of Sustainability: Engaging Eco-Pragmatism in the Classroom
 Traditional and Discussion Papers in the History of Philosophy
 Traditional Papers on Anthropology and Habit Development
15:40–16:15Refreshment Break
16:15–17:30SAAP Business Meeting
17:30–18:30Founders Address
18:45–20:45Banquet and Awards


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