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Old Assumptions Still Rampant: Lewssons Learned from the Interchange of C.I. Lewis with His Critics

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The philosophy of C.I. Lewis has been woefully neglected, yet Lewis’ philosophy served as a substantial bridge between classical pragmatism and logical empiricism. Lewis was a student of James, Royce and Perry, and his writing teems with the language and thought of Peirce. Also, Lewis was intimately connected to logical empiricism, engaging with members of this persuasion both personally and professionally as well as in a number of critical debates. In addition, Lewis counter charges various misidentifications of his philosophy. This panel will focus on these interactions with these interpreters and critics. Panel members will explore Lewis’s debate with Roy Wood Sellars over phenomenalism and physicalism; Lewis and Schlick’s debate over verification; and Lewis counter attacks against the accusation of foundationalism. The panel brings new insights on classical pragmatism and on current debates about physicalism or scientific materialism as a valid operating version of the natural world


Jacquelyn Kegley    
California State University, Bakersfield
United States

Carl Sachs    
Georgetown University
United States

Peter Olen    
University of South Florida
United States


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