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Science, Naturalism, and the Advancement of American Philosophy

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The panels and presentations at SAAP annual meetings throughout its history have exhibited relatively little interest in the sciences and in the disciplines that study them, despite the fact that some of the philosophers most closely associated with the founding of American Pragmatism were educated as scientists, and many of their successors in the early 20th century showed an active interest in the sciences and their implications for a wide range of social, political, and intellectual concerns. The overall purpose of the panel is to consider some of the possible reasons for this surprising lack of interest among more recent philosophers working within the pragmatist tradition, and to discuss some of the ways in which the study of contemporary developments in the sciences and in the disciplines that study them could make significant contributions to the advancement of American philosophy.


Donald Dryden    
Duke University
United States

Lawrence Cahoone    
College of the Holy Cross
United States

Donald Crosby    
Colorado State University (emeritus)
United States


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