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Melville and Philosophy

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In the introduction to his recent reassessment of American Pragmatism, Colin Koopman observes that “[he has] long had the hunch that one can mine Melville for nearly all the riches of pragmatism.” He quickly notes that this is a project for another occasion. This panel is proposed in the spirit of Koopman’s observation that Melville’s work is both profoundly philosophical and profoundly American. This panel attempts to begin to rectify this situation by posing two questions: First, what is the relevance of Melville’s work for recent philosophy? And second, and more specifically, what is the relevance of Melville’s work for American philosophy?


Thomas Nurmi    
Montana State University-Billings
United States

Randall Auxier    
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
United States

Corey McCall    
Elmira College
United States


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