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Nature and the Authentication of Religious Belief

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How should we conceive of the relationship between the natural and the supernatural? This question lies at the intersection of theology and philosophy, and the American philosophical tradition provides unique resources for addressing it. In keeping with the theme of this year’s conference of sustainability and nature, this panel aims to address the above question in terms of how religious belief transforms our experience of nature itself.
The panel as a whole is animated by the work of Donald Gelpi, S.J. (1934–2011), whose work at the intersection of philosophy and theology deserves a wider audience. Don drew upon the enormous resources of American philosophy to develop a theology that could engage in the rigors of scientific inquiry while taking into account the knowledge that comes through religious experience.


Richard Atkins    
Boston College
United States

Bill O'Brien    
Saint Louis University
United States

Nathan Hinerman    
Golden Gate University
United States


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