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Dewey and The Contemporary Arts: A Conversation

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Few thinkers in aesthetic theory and art criticism have moved beyond the notion of art as object. Fewer have developed transactional views of art that successfully overcome the author/reader or artist/viewer dualism. Yet, postmodern art movements have effectively dismantled the notion that art is about object making. The notion of art as a private act or experience has been rejected in favor of collaborative forms of creation and the idea that art is fundamentally about social relations. This panel intends to take up questions emerging out of contemporary postmodern art that philosophy has yet to successfully confront. It will present two papers that place Dewey’s aesthetics into conversation with contemporary movements in the visual arts and in poetry. Both papers will show how Dewey’s aesthetics can help extend and advance movements in contemporary art, as well as how Dewey can be reconstructed and improved by thinking in contemporary artistic practice.


Aaron Stoller    
North Carolina State University
United States

John Giordano    
Merrimack College
United States


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