SAAP Annual Meeting 2015

Papers Proceedings

Nature and the Authentication of Religious Belief
Richard Atkins, Nathan Hinerman, Bill O'Brien

Melville and Philosophy
Randall Auxier, Corey McCall, Thomas Nurmi

Toward a Philosophy of Sustainability: Engaging Eco-Pragmatism in the Classroom Panel Discussion Submission
Justin Bell, David Henderson, Randy Spencer, Tess Varner

The Exploration of Exploitation in Industrial Farming
Kelli Blechschmidt, McKenzie Williams

William James in Dialogue
Francesca Bordogna, Alexander Klein, David Leary

Insuring an Indefinite Future: Sustainability as a Consequence of Royce's Moral Vision
Daniel Brunson

Science, Naturalism, and the Advancement of American Philosophy
Lawrence Cahoone, Donald Crosby, Donald Dryden

Trails to Walden Pond: Pragmatic Aesthetics and Relational Aesthetics Approach the Examined Life
Anna Campbell, James Campbell

The Partial Eclipse of American Pragmatism
John Capps

The Pragmatist Promise of Vibrant Materialism
Anna Cook

Discussion as a Form of Query: A Perspective on Buchler’s Educational Theory and Practice
Pamela Crosby

Pragmatist Frictions
Susan Dieleman

Unsustainable Boundaries: Ontology and psychology in William James
Russell Duvernoy

Pets, People and Pragmatism
Steven Fesmire, Tadd Ruetenik

A Pluralistic Universe in Twenty Years
Marilyn Fischer

American Philosophy: From Wounded Knee to the Present
Kimberly Garchar, John Kaag, Lee McBride, Gregory Pappas

The Aesthetics and Ethics of Faith: A Dialogue Between Liberationist and Pragmatic Thought
Jim Garrison, Kenneth Stikkers, Christopher Tirres, Dwayne Tunstall

Dewey and The Contemporary Arts: A Conversation
John Giordano, Aaron Stoller

Dewey on Religious Experiences and the Quest for a Democratic Future: A Conversation with Philip Kitcher (and Others)
Judith Green

Morality for Humans, Or Is Mark Johnson A Closeted Care Ethicist?
Maurice Hamington

Interspecies Ethics
Lisa Heldke, Denise James, Cynthia Willett

Towards a Pragmatist Anthropology of Race
Charles Hobbs, Gabriel Torres

Toward a justice theory of sustainability at the interface of Deweyan pragmatism and French critical pragmatism
Meg Holden

John Dewey and the Possibility of Particularist Moral Education
Nate Jackson

Into the Streets: American Philosophy, Community Outreach, and Street Cred
Tanya Jeffcoat, Malik Saafir, Dwight Welch

Mind and Matter in Early America: The Berkeley-Johnson Correspondence
Michael Jonik

Old Assumptions Still Rampant: Lewssons Learned from the Interchange of C.I. Lewis with His Critics
Jacquelyn Kegley, Peter Olen, Carl Sachs

Pragmatism and Religion: Peirce, Sustaining Grace, and the Sustainable Moral Self
Robert King, Roger Ward

Peirce’s Representationalist Theory of Truth
Robert Lane

The Esthetics of Habit Development
Aaron Massecar

Pragmatism without Hope: Dewey, Post Humanism, and the Anthropocene
Phillip McReynolds

The Pragmatist's Approach to Injustice
Gregory Pappas

Integration, Values, and Well-Ordered Interdisciplinary Science
Zachary Piso

Liberty Hyde Bailey and Pragmatic Naturalism
Daniel Rinn

Pragmatism's Environmental Ethics
Stuart Rosenbaum

Rethinking the Human Condition
Frank Ryan

Edwin B. Holt: Between Radical Empiricism and Ecological Psychology
Joshua August Skorburg

The Passional Nature and The Will to Believe
James Southworth

The False Dichotomy of Objectivism and Relativism: A Defense of Rortian Pragmatism against Paul Boghossian
John Thompson

Relational Realism: Francis E. Abbot's Theory of Universals
Frederic Tremblay

Pragmatist Social Ethics and the Project of Forging Democratic Relations: Addams and Rorty
Christopher Voparil

George Herbert Mead, Public Philosopher: Fostering the Transformative Potential of Urban Socialities
David Woods


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