SAAP Annual Meeting 2014

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Developing Environmental Pragmatism: Narrative, Activism, and Sustainability

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Environmental pragmatism was first developed some twenty years ago by philosophers unsatisfied with the assumptions and methodology of mainstream environmental ethics. The alternative they proposed was explicitly informed by pragmatist views of philosophy, and particularly the work of John Dewey. There is now a considerable body of literature and practice centered on environmental pragmatism. While this body of work has been developing, however, new kinds of environmental and political issues have emerged as important, new philosophical resources from the pragmatist tradition have become available, and a new generation of researchers has entered the field. This panel provides an opportunity for three environmental pragmatists to explore and present new developments and resources. It is notable that the concept of narrative emerges as a common theme in the contributors’ separate discussions, respectively, of public science, local community development, and the general concept of sustainability.


Kelly Parker    
Grand Valley State University
United States

Kelvin Booth    
Thompson Rivers University

Zachary Piso    
Michigan State University
United States


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