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The Categoriologic of Peirce's Metaphysical Cosmology

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In this paper I elaborate a detailed interpretation of Peirce’s cosmology about the origin of the universe and its evolutionary development. This involves conceptually bringing together Peirce’s disconnected statements on cosmology that are scattered throughout his writings, including various unpublished manuscripts, and which sometimes employ different terminologies. Furthermore and while approaching the cosmology as a theory that is systematically coherent with Peirce’s greater philosophy, my interpretation involves identifying his categories of firstness, secondness, and thirdness that govern its conceptual structure, and ultimately the metaphysical structure of the universe. This also reveals, I argue, the basic “logic” of Peirce’s theory and provides a perspective from which its rational coherence is discernable. Upon exploring some of the details of that logic, I further argue that it validates Peirce’s position as a superior philosophical theory in comparison to other alternative cosmologies which are logically problematic.


Nicholas Guardiano    
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
United States


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