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Fordham Books in American Philosophy, 2013

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The poster will offer a brief description of the books in American philosophy published in the last year. These will include books by Tom Alexander, Erin McKenna, Nahum Chandler (ed.), Kees DeWaal (ed.), and Rick Furtak (ed.). The books deal with everything from the work of DuBois and Thoreau to the relevance of pragmatism for Indian and Asian thought and for the ways we deal with pets. The rationale for the poster is that the program offers little time for a consideration of recent publications and Fordham is one of two presses that consistently publishes work dealing with Amnerican philosophy. The poster will bring attention to these works and, for those authors in attendance, a chance to discuss their work with others. The presenter will be available to discuss the books and their import for contemporary American thought.


Doug Anderson    
United States


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