SAAP Annual Meeting 2014

At-a-Glance Program

Thursday, 6 March
12:00–17:00Book Exhibit
13:00–14:40Charles S. Peirce Society
 Developing Environmental Pragmatism: Narrative, Activism, and Sustainability
 Dewey and Moral Philosophy
 Discussion Papers on Feminism and Pragmatism
 James and Contemporary Pragmatists
 Pragmatism, Post-poststructuralism, and the Practice of Social Science
14:40–15:00Refreshment Break
15:00–16:40Democratic Imaginations: Race, Aesthetics, and Individuality
 Discussion Papers on Metaphysics and Nature
 Experience and Reality: Thinking with Whitehead and the Pragmatists
 John Dewey Society
 Peirce and Sciences
 Theology in Pragmatist and Native Thought
17:00–19:00Peirce at His Borders, 100 Years Later
Friday, 7 March
08:00–17:00Book Exhibit
08:00–09:00Light Breakfast
 Poster Session
09:00–10:40Discussion Papers on Latin American Philosophy
 New American Naturalisms
 Pragmatism and the Arts
 Pragmatist and Analytic Philosophy
 Society for U.S. Intellectual History: Meetings of East and West: Historical Perspectives on Encounters Between Asian and American Thought
 William James as Political Theorist
10:40–11:00Refreshment Break
11:00–12:40Coss Dialogue Lecture
12:40–14:00Lunch on your own
 SAAP Board Meeting
14:00–15:40Continental Receptions of Pragmatism
 Coss Dialogue Follow-Up
 Discussion Papers on Experiencing Language and Music
 Jamesian Borderlands: Evolution, the Visual Arts, and Mathematics
 Josiah Royce Society
 Pragmatism and Religious Naturalism: Patrolling Borders, Interrogating Boundaries
15:40–16:00Refreshment Break
16:00–17:40Discussion Papers on Borders and the Americas
 Graduate Student Panel
 Integrating Philosophical Inquiry and Empirical Research: Two Deweyan Perspectives
 Rorty and Political Theory
 Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy: Deleuze and Pragmatism
 Theorizing the Individual in James and Thoreau
18:00–20:00Dinner on your own
 Group Meetings
 SAAP Graduate Student Meeting
19:30–20:30Optional Event: Richard Shusterman, "Philosophy as a Way of Life -- On Camera"
Saturday, 8 March
08:00–15:00Registration and Posters
08:00–12:00Book Exhibit
08:00–09:00Light Breakfast
 The Jane Collective Group Meeting
09:00–10:40Deweyan Democracies
 Discussion Papers on Moral Conflict and Choice: Rortyan and Dewey Approaches
 Liberation on the Borders of American Philosophy: Three Radical Turns
 Mid-Century Pragmatism
 Public Philosophy Network: Jane Addams as Public Philosopher
 Race and Ignorance
10:40–11:00Refreshment Break
11:00–12:40Committee on Inter-American Relations: Democracy and Decolonization: A Dialogue between SAAP and CPA (Caribbean Philosophical Association)
 Discussion Papers on American and Eastern Philosophy
 European Pragmatism Society
 Feminism and Insurrectionism
 Irenic Pragmatism: The Philosophy of Joseph Margolis
 New Pragmatism(s) and Old Pragmatism(s)
12:40–14:00Author Meets Critics
 Lunch on your own
 SAAP Board Meeting
14:00–15:40Discussion Paper Scholar's Session: Marilyn Fischer
 Discussion Papers on James
 Pragmatism and Asian Philosophy
 Pragmatism, Post-Structuralism, and Feminism
 Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy: Intersections in African-American Thought
15:40–16:15Refreshment Break
16:15–17:30SAAP Business Meeting
17:30–18:30Presidential Address
18:45–20:45Banquet and Awards


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