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Thursday, 6 March 2014
WeltonLawrence Foyer
Book Exhibit Registration
CurtisPlatte River RoomLawrence AMcCourtBlakeLawrence B
Charles S. Peirce SocietyRichard AtkinsDavid Agler (Penn State University), "Vagueness, Language, and the Problem of Heaps: Peirce's Dissolution of the Sorites Paradox”

Kathleen Hull (Independent Scholar), "Thinking in Pictures: What American Philosophy Can Learn from Cognitive Science"
Developing Environmental Pragmatism: Narrative, Activism, and Sustainability Discussant: Paul Thompson (Michigan State University)Developing Environmental Pragmatism: Narrative, Activism, And SustainabilityKelly Parker, Grand Valley State University; Kelvin Booth, Thompson Rivers University; Zachary Piso, Michigan State University Dewey and Moral PhilosophyMatthew BrownDisruption And Plasticity: Dewey, Disability And Re-conceiving Well-beingNate Jackson, Baylor UniversityIncorporating Moral Foundations Theory Into Dewey's Moral ImaginationJon LaRochelle, University of OregonLiz Swan Discussion Papers on Feminism and PragmatismSarah TysonJane Addams And Wicked Problems: Putting The Pragmatic Method To UseDanielle Lake, Michigan State UniversityDu Bois' Dubious FeminismCelena Simpson, University of OregonMaurice Hamington James and Contemporary PragmatistsHenry JackmanPiety And Natural Piety, William James And Richard RortyStuart Rosenbaum, Baylor UniversityThinking Progress Prior To Truth: Kitcher’s Ethics With James’s TruthBonnie Sheehey, University of OregonSarin Marchetti Pragmatism, Post-poststructuralism, and the Practice of Social SciencePragmatism, Post-poststructuralism, And The Practice Of Social ScienceJerry Lee Rosiek, University of Oregon; Kory Sorrell, Bilikent University; Gerald Berk, University of Oregon; Dennis Galvan, University of Oregon; Tristan Gleason, University of Oregon
Refreshment Break (Lawrence Foyer)
Lawrence AMcCourtLawrence BPlatte River RoomCurtisBlake
Democratic Imaginations: Race, Aesthetics, and IndividualityMark UffelmanDemocratic Imaginations: Race, Aesthetics, And IndividualityJack Turner, Dept. of Political Science, University of Washington; Melvin Rogers, Dept. of Philosophy, Emory Univeristy; James Albrecht, Dept. of English, Pacific Lutheran University Discussion Papers on Metaphysics and NatureCharles CarlsonNaturalism, Realism, And Transactions In Dewey’s Later ThoughtDeron Boyles, Georgia State UniversityThe Categoriologic Of Peirce's Metaphysical CosmologyNicholas Guardiano, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleDavid Sprintzen Experience and Reality: Thinking with Whitehead and the PragmatistsExperience And Reality: Thinking With Whitehead And The PragmatistsBill Myers, Birmingham-Southern College; George Allan, Dickinson College; Brian Henning, Gonzaga University John Dewey SocietyAaron StollerRichard Shusterman (Florida Atlantic University), Somaesthetics and the Art of Eating

Discussant: Raymond Boisvert (Siena College)
Peirce and SciencesRobert LanePeirce On The Relationship Between Life And Theory: The Ideas Of Social Reality And Scientific Truth In Early PragmatismVitaly Kiryushchenko, Higher chool of Economics (St. Petersburg, Russia); York University (Toronto, Canada)Peirce, Biosemiotics, And The Scope Of SemiosisJonathan Beever, The Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State UniversityDavid Pfeifer Theology in Pragmatist and Native ThoughtShannon GriffinNative Hermeneutics: Reverse Typology And Remythologization, Or: The Theological Genius In Black Elk’s ‘dual Participation’S. Joshua Thomas, St. John's UniversityJudith Green
Peirce at His Borders, 100 Years Later (Platte River Room)Colin KoopmanVincent Colapietro (Penn State University), "An Ode to Experimental Rationality"

Cheryl Misak (University of Toronto), "Peirce and Ramsey on Truth and Norms"

Joseph Margolis (Temple University), "Charles Peirce's Abductive Turn"
Reception (1515 Restaurant)1515 Market St., Denver, CO 80202
Friday, 7 March 2014
WeltonLawrence Foyer
Book Exhibit Registration
Lawrence FoyerLawrence Foyer
Light Breakfast Poster SessionPosters will be up throughout the conference for viewingContemporary Feminist PragmatismCelia Bardwell-JonesFordham Books In American Philosophy, 2013Doug Anderson, SIUC
CurtisLawrence BLawrence ABlakePlatte River RoomMcCourt
Discussion Papers on Latin American PhilosophyAlexander StehnPragmatism As Gunship Philosophy: José Vasconcelos’ Critique Of John DeweyTerrance MacMullan, Eastern Washington UniversityThe “demographic Challenge” In Philosophy And The Quest For A Philosophy Sensitive To Context: Some Lessons From Latin American Philosophy And Latin JazzGregory Fernando Pappas, Texas A & MJohn Kaiser Ortiz New American NaturalismsArmen MarsoobianPragmatic NaturalismJohn Ryder, American University of Ras Al KhaimahEcstatic NaturalismRobert Corrington, Drew UniversityNaturalism: Fallible, Plural, EmergentLawrence Cahoone, College of the Holy Cross Pragmatism and the ArtsSarin MarchettiSemblance Or Consummation? Danto, Dewey And Langer On Embodied Meaning In ArtThomas Alexander, Southern Illinois University, CarbondaleThe Philosophy Of Stanley Cavell: An IntroductionRussell Goodman, University of New MexicoPhillip McReynolds Pragmatist and Analytic PhilosophyWillem deVriesPeirce, Grounding, Regress & CircularityAndrew Howat, California State University, FullertonRepresentations Without Representationalism: Price’s Sellarsian PragmatismCarl SachsAndrew Christie Society for U.S. Intellectual History: Meetings of East and West: Historical Perspectives on Encounters Between Asian and American ThoughtAmy Kittelstrom (Sonoma State University), "Beyond Christ: Liberals and the Religions of India”

Larry Hickman (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale), "John Dewey and Educational Experiments in China”

Ben Alpers (University of Oklahoma), “F.S.C. Northrop’s _The Meeting of East and West_ and American Thought in the 1940s”
William James as Political TheoristColin KoopmanWilliam James's Political TheoryWilliam R Caspary, Gallatin School at NYU; ; James Campbell
Refreshment Break (Lawrence Foyer)
Coss Dialogue Lecture (Platte River Room)Dan Bromley, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Board Room (lobby level)
Lunch on your own SAAP Board Meeting
BlakePlatte River RoomCurtisLawrence AMcCourtLawrence B
Continental Receptions of PragmatismCharlene Haddock SeigfriedAxel Honneth And The Frankfurt School’s Reception Of DeweyChristopher Lauer, University of Hawaii-HiloCan French Philosophy Take In American Pragmatism?Stéphane Madelrieux, University of Lyon 3Brian Lisle Coss Dialogue Follow-UpPaul ThompsonKenneth Stikkers (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale); Evelyn Brister (Rochester Institute of Technology); Phil Cafaro (Colorado State University) Discussion Papers on Experiencing Language and MusicMartin ColemanExperiencing Language: What’s Missing In Linguistic Pragmatism?Mark Johnson, University of Oregon'the Consummatory': In Experiencing Early Music: A Deweyan Approach To Historically Informed PerformanceFelicia Kruse, Southern Illinois University, CarbondaleJohn Giordano Jamesian Borderlands: Evolution, the Visual Arts, and MathematicsJamesian Borderlands: Evolution, The Visual Arts, And MathematicsTrevor Pearce, UNC Charlotte; Cecelia Watson, Yale University; Francesca Bordogna, University of Notre Dame Josiah Royce SocietyTanya JeffcoatRichard P. Mullins (Wheeling Jesuit University) “Beyond Right and Wrong: Josiah Royce and Moral Education”

Jacquelyn A. Kegley (Cal State University Bakersfield) “Addressing the Topic of Religion: A Much needed Task”

Justin Nickel (Princeton Theological Seminary) “Atoning for Doctrine: Josiah Royce and the Dangers of Experience”
Pragmatism and Religious Naturalism: Patrolling Borders, Interrogating BoundariesRobert KingPragmatism And Religious Naturalism: Patrolling Borders, Interogating BoundariesRoger Ward, Georgetown College; Thurman Willison, Union Theological Seminary; Robert King, Utah State UniversityDoug Anderson
Refreshment Break (Lawrence Foyer)
CurtisLawrence ALawrence BBlakePlatte River RoomMcCourt
Discussion Papers on Borders and the AmericasSergio GallegosConscientization From Within Lo Cotidiano: Expanding The Work Of Ada María Isasi-díazChristopher Tirres, DePaul UniversityThoreau And The Agencies Of PlaceScott Pratt, University of OregonAlexander Stehn Graduate Student PanelTess VarnerRadicalism, Pragmatism, And Critical Theory: A Peircean Response To Horkheimer's CritiqueClancy Smith, Duquesne UniversityWilliam James, Hilary Putnam, And Richard J. BernsteinThomas Kiefer, Fordham UniversityLiberalism And/or Liberation: Assessing Utopian Politics Of Richard Rorty And Enrique DusselAlan Reynolds, University of OregonLee McBride Integrating Philosophical Inquiry and Empirical Research: Two Deweyan PerspectivesIntegrating Philosophical Inquiry And Empirical Research: Two Deweyan PerspectivesSteven Miller, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Roudy Hildreth, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Terri Wilson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Rorty and Political TheoryWilliam R CasparyFrom Philosophy Of Race To Antiracist Politics: On Rorty’s Approach To Race And RacismDavid Alexander Craig, University of OregonRorty’s Fractured Politics, And Why We Need Dewey To Rehabilitate Rorty’s Reformist VisionJessica Hejny, University of Oregon, Dept of Political ScienceMichael Schleeter Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy: Deleuze and PragmatismThomas NailJeff Bell (Southeastern Louisiana University) – Deleuze & Peirce

Dorothea Olkowski (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs) – Deleuze & James

Sean Bowden (Deakin University, Australia) – Deleuze & Brandom
Theorizing the Individual in James and ThoreauJames AlbrechtHenry David Thoreau And The Boundaries Of PhilosophyRick Furtak, Colorado College; James Reid, MSU – DenverJamesian Self-cultivation - Meliorism In The Double-barreled Stream Of ExperienceMark Uffelman, Millersville UniversityKyle Bromhall
Lawrence A
Dinner on your own Group Meetings SAAP Graduate Student MeetingOpen to all grad students at the conference – so please attend. The meeting will be held in the same room as the ‘Graduate Student Session’ above – the session will end at 5:40 and the meeting will begin in the same room after a short 10-minute break. Please contact Tess Varner at or Steven Miller at with any questions or advance-notice agenda items
Optional Event: Richard Shusterman, "Philosophy as a Way of Life -- On Camera" (Counterpath Bookstore)Counterpath Bookstore, 613 22nd St, Denver, CO 80205
Saturday, 8 March 2014
Registration and Posters (Lawrence Foyer)
Book Exhibit (Welton)
Lawrence FoyerWestin Hotel Restaurant (The Palm)
Light Breakfast The Jane Collective Group Meeting
BlakeCurtisLawrence BPlatte River RoomLawrence AMcCourt
Deweyan DemocraciesEli KramerAchieving Deweyan Democracy In The Digital AgeMark Sanders, UNC CharlotteBorder Crossing, Democracy, And Deweyan GrowthWesley Dempster, Bowling Green State UniversityJustin Bell Discussion Papers on Moral Conflict and Choice: Rortyan and Dewey ApproachesDavid RondelThe Practical Turn In Pragmatism: Intellectualism, Pluralism And Material CultureKevin S. Decker, Eastern Washington UniversityTaking Other Human Beings Seriously: Rorty On Moral Choice And ResponsibilityChristopher Voparil, Union Institute & UniversityDavid Woods Liberation on the Borders of American Philosophy: Three Radical TurnsLiberation On The Borders Of American Philosophy: Three Radical TurnsCrispin Sartwell, Dickinson College; Randall Auxier, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Matthew Ryg, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Mid-Century PragmatismJoshua SkorburgSarin Marchetti (University College Dublin), "C.I. Lewis on Pragmatism and Conceptual Analysis"

Willem DeVries (University of New Hampshire), "Sellars and the Sense Impression Mistake"

Discussant: Carl Sachs (Georgetown University)
Public Philosophy Network: Jane Addams as Public PhilosopherJacquelyn KegleySharon M. Meagher (University of Scranton); Nancy McHugh (Wittenberg University); David C. Jacobs (Morgan State University)
Race and IgnoranceCelia Bardwell-JonesCommunity And Interpretation: Josiah Royce And Epistemologies Of IgnoranceRussell J. Duvernoy, University of OregonYou Can’t Stand The Nigger I See!: Kanye West’s Analysis Of Anti-black DeathTommy Curry, Texas A&M UniversityMyron Jackson
Refreshment Break (Lawrence Foyer)
Lawrence AMcCourtPlatte River RoomLawrence BBlakeCurtis
Committee on Inter-American Relations: Democracy and Decolonization: A Dialogue between SAAP and CPA (Caribbean Philosophical Association)Gregory Fernando PappasCPA: Lewis Gordon (University of Connecticut); Jane Gordon (University of Connecticut); Michael Monahan (Marquette University)

SAAP: Ken Stikkers (Southern Illinois University Carbondate); Gregory Pappas (Texas A&M University)
Discussion Papers on American and Eastern PhilosophySharon CogganAmerican Philosophy And Its Eastern Strains: Crisis, Resilience, And Self-transcendenceNaoko Saito, Kyoto UniversityThe Pragmatist YogiEric Mullis, Queens University of CharlotteCharlie Hobbs European Pragmatism SocietyHenrik RydenfeltHenrik Rydenfelt (University of Helsinki, "Introduction: Pragmatism and Europe"

Gabriele Gava (Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main), "Intuitions, Indices, and Immediate Perception: Reflections on Peirce and Kant"

Mats Bergman (University of Helsinki), "Anthropomorphism and Pragmaticism: Neglected Affinities between C.S. Peirce and F.C.S. Schiller"

Mathias Girel (Ecole normale supérieure),"‘Who does not read Bergson today?’ Intelligent Action in Perspective in Dewey’s Reading of Bergson"
Feminism and InsurrectionismJohn KaagA Deweyan Philosophy Of Sexual Difference: A Reading Of Experience And Nature Through The Lens Of Sexual DifferenceKatherine Logan, University of OregonFeminist And Insurrectionist Character TraitsLee McBride, The College of WoosterBarbara Lowe Irenic Pragmatism: The Philosophy of Joseph MargolisIrenic Pragmatism: The Philosophy Of Joseph MargolisSerge Grigoriev, Ithaca College; Joan Forry, West Chester University of Pennsylvania; Robert Main, West Chester University of Pennsylvania New Pragmatism(s) and Old Pragmatism(s)Susan DielemanIntellectualism And Regulative Ideals: On Misak’s JamesHenry Jackman, York UniversityPragmatism As Mediator And ReconcilerDavid Rondel, University of Nevada, RenoWillem deVries
McCourtThe Board Room (lobby level)
Author Meets CriticsSeth VannattaDiscussants: Howard Brody (Director of the Institute for Medical Humanities); Kim Garchar (Kent State University)The Chief Concern Of Medicine: The Integration Of The Medical Humanities And Narrative Knowledge Into Medical PracticesRonald Schleifer, Oklahoma University; Jerry Vannatta, Oklahoma University; Seth Vannatta, Morgan State University Lunch on your own SAAP Board Meeting
BlakeCurtisMcCourtLawrence BLawrence A
Discussion Paper Scholar's Session: Marilyn FischerJudy WhippsDiscussants: V. Denise James (University of Dayton); Charlene Haddock Seigfried (Purdue University)Addams On Cultural Pluralism, European Immigrants, And African AmericansMarilyn Fischer, University of Dayton V. Denise James; Charlene Haddock Seigfried Discussion Papers on JamesFrancesca BordognaEpistemic Sensitivity & The Alogical: William James, Psychical Research, And The Radical Empiricist AttitudeErmine Algaier, Temple University, Department of ReligionPluralism And Dialectic: On James's Relationship To HegelLucy Schultz, University of OregonWilliam Gavin Pragmatism and Asian PhilosophyJohn RyderA Japanese Perspective On Dewey's Intangible MeaningsGregory Aisemberg, University of California at RiversideBuchler And Buddhism RevisitedCharles MunitzTadd Ruetenik Pragmatism, Post-Structuralism, and FeminismChristopher VoparilCultural Politics Of Performativity: A Pragmatist Companion To Judith ButlerFulden Ibrahimhakkioglu, University of OregonLocating Rorty: Feminism & Poststructuralism, Experience & LanguageSusan Dieleman, Dalhousie UniversityJennifer Roche Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy: Intersections in African-American ThoughtAlfred PrettymanMyisha Cherry (John Jay College, CUNY), "Progress and Patriarchy"

Amir Jaima (SUNY, Stony Brook), "The New Philosophers: Morrison, Rawls, and the Ethico-political Implications of the Philo-literary"
Refreshment Break (Lawrence Foyer)
SAAP Business Meeting (Platte River Room)
Presidential Address (Platte River Room)Erin McKennaKen Stikkers (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), "'..., but I'm not racist': Toward a Pragmatic Understanding of Racism"
Banquet and Awards (Augusta -- 1 floor below meeting rooms)


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