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Conscientization from within lo Cotidiano: Expanding the Work of Ada María Isasi-Díaz

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In the spirit of thinking across both geographical and disciplinary borders, this essay explores the philosophical contributions of leading ethicist, activist, and theologian Ada María Isasi-Díaz (1943-2012), for whom the category of _lo cotidiano_ ("the everyday") is central. Her work on _lo cotidiano_ begs a basic philosophical question: How does one think critically from the standpoint of the everyday? What does conscientization look like from the perspective of _lo cotidiano_? In light of such questions, I explore what I find to be one of Isasi-Díaz's most significant, yet underdeveloped, ideas -- her articulation of a "conscientized cotidiano." I expand this category further, drawing on the work of Agnes Heller (a major influence on Latin American and US Latina feminism) and John Dewey. Conversely, I also argue that Isasi-Diaz's attention to issues of religion and gender serves as a constructive counterpoint to the work of these philosophers.


Christopher Tirres    
DePaul University
United States


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