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New American Naturalisms

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The early 20th century American philosophical tradition, along with some fellow travelers, produced a family of non-reductive naturalism metaphysics quite different from what became the norm in later analytic or continental philosophy. The common thread was a combination of a pluralistic view of nature (e.g. recognizing the irreducibility of the biological to the physical), a pragmatic or activist notion of human mentality, and a recognized need to incorporate the objects of the natural and the human sciences, ethics, and arts, into nature. Practitioners included Peirce, James, Mead, Dewey, Whitehead, and the British Emergentists, whose views were extended by Bernard Meland, John Smith, Paul Weiss, Henry Wieman, Frederick Woodbridge, J.H.Randall, and Justus Buchler among others. The unique assets of this tradition can advance problems with which the wider philosophical world continues to struggle. The panel will offer three original versions of such a naturalist metaphysics.


John Ryder    
American University of Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates

Robert Corrington    
Drew Theological School
United States

Lawrence Cahoone    
College of the Holy Cross
United States


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