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Jamesian Self-cultivation - Meliorism in the Double-barreled Stream of Experience

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The individualism with which William James is so famously associated may be viewed through the lenses of his anti-dualistic, double-barreled interpretation of experience and the reconciliatory or mediating role he ascribed to the pragmatic method. After seeking to highlight some of the more salient elements of Jamesian self-cultivation, I draw upon the work of Francesca Bordogna to further illustrate the view of a dynamic, relational, melioristic Jamesian self. Moreover, attention to her interpretation of James’s social philosophy provides the opportunity to connect the present view of James’s ethic of the self with the anti-dualist framework of his radical view of experience and the reconciliatory, mediating role of his pragmatism.


Mark Uffelman    
Millersville University
United States


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