SAAP Annual Meeting 2014

Papers Proceedings

William James's Political Theory
, , William R Caspary

Pragmatism, Post-poststructuralism, and the Practice of Social Science
Jerry Lee Rosiek, Gerald Berk, Dennis Galvan, Tristan Gleason, Kory Sorrell

A Japanese Perspective on Dewey's Intangible Meanings
Gregory Aisemberg

Democratic Imaginations: Race, Aesthetics, and Individuality
James Albrecht, Melvin Rogers, Jack Turner

Semblance or Consummation? Danto, Dewey and Langer on Embodied Meaning in Art
Thomas Alexander

Epistemic Sensitivity & the Alogical: William James, Psychical Research, and the Radical Empiricist Attitude
Ermine Algaier

Experience and Reality: Thinking with Whitehead and the Pragmatists
George Allan, Brian Henning, Bill Myers

Fordham Books in American Philosophy, 2013
Doug Anderson

Liberation on the Borders of American Philosophy: Three Radical Turns
Randall Auxier, Matthew Ryg, Crispin Sartwell

Contemporary Feminist Pragmatism
Celia Bardwell-Jones

Peirce, Biosemiotics, and The Scope of Semiosis
Jonathan Beever

Developing Environmental Pragmatism: Narrative, Activism, and Sustainability
Kelvin Booth, Kelly Parker, Zachary Piso

Jamesian Borderlands: Evolution, the Visual Arts, and Mathematics
Francesca Bordogna, Trevor Pearce, Cecelia Watson

Naturalism, Realism, and Transactions in Dewey’s Later Thought
Deron Boyles

Naturalism: Fallible, Plural, Emergent
Lawrence Cahoone

New American Naturalisms
Lawrence Cahoone, Robert Corrington, John Ryder

Ecstatic Naturalism
Robert Corrington

From Philosophy of Race to Antiracist Politics: On Rorty’s Approach to Race and Racism
David Alexander Craig

You Can’t Stand the Nigger I See!: Kanye West’s Analysis of Anti-Black Death
Tommy Curry

The Practical Turn in Pragmatism: Intellectualism, Pluralism and Material Culture
Kevin S. Decker

Border Crossing, Democracy, and Deweyan Growth
Wesley Dempster

Locating Rorty: Feminism & Poststructuralism, Experience & Language
Susan Dieleman

Community and Interpretation: Josiah Royce and Epistemologies of Ignorance
Russell J. Duvernoy

Addams on cultural pluralism, European Immigrants, and African Americans
Marilyn Fischer

Irenic Pragmatism: The Philosophy of Joseph Margolis
Joan Forry, Serge Grigoriev, Robert Main

Henry David Thoreau and the Boundaries of Philosophy
Rick Furtak, James Reid

The Philosophy of Stanley Cavell: An Introduction
Russell Goodman

The Categoriologic of Peirce's Metaphysical Cosmology
Nicholas Guardiano

Rorty’s Fractured Politics, and Why We Need Dewey to Rehabilitate Rorty’s Reformist Vision
Jessica Hejny

Integrating Philosophical Inquiry and Empirical Research: Two Deweyan Perspectives
Roudy Hildreth, Steven Miller, Terri Wilson

Peirce, Grounding, Regress & Circularity
Andrew Howat

Cultural Politics of Performativity: A Pragmatist Companion to Judith Butler
Fulden Ibrahimhakkioglu

Intellectualism and Regulative Ideals: On Misak’s James
Henry Jackman

Disruption and Plasticity: Dewey, Disability and Re-conceiving Well-Being
Nate Jackson

Experiencing Language: What’s Missing in Linguistic Pragmatism?
Mark Johnson

William James, Hilary Putnam, and Richard J. Bernstein
Thomas Kiefer

Robert King, Roger Ward, Thurman Willison

Peirce on the relationship between life and theory: the ideas of social reality and scientific truth in early pragmatism
Vitaly Kiryushchenko

'The Consummatory': in Experiencing Early Music: A Deweyan Approach to Historically Informed Performance
Felicia Kruse

Jane Addams and Wicked Problems: Putting the Pragmatic Method to Use
Danielle Lake

Incorporating Moral Foundations Theory Into Dewey's Moral Imagination
Jon LaRochelle

Axel Honneth and the Frankfurt School’s Reception of Dewey
Christopher Lauer

A Deweyan Philosophy of Sexual Difference: A Reading of Experience and Nature Through the Lens of Sexual Difference
Katherine Logan

Pragmatism as Gunship Philosophy: José Vasconcelos’ Critique of John Dewey
Terrance MacMullan

Can French Philosophy Take in American Pragmatism?
Stéphane Madelrieux

Feminist and Insurrectionist Character Traits
Lee McBride

The Pragmatist Yogi
Eric Mullis

Buchler and Buddhism Revisited
Charles Munitz

Five visions of cosmopolitan education
Gonzalo Obelleiro

The “demographic challenge” in philosophy and the quest for a philosophy sensitive to context: Some lessons from Latin American philosophy and Latin jazz
Gregory Fernando Pappas

Thoreau and the Agencies of Place
Scott Pratt

Liberalism and/or Liberation: Assessing Utopian Politics of Richard Rorty and Enrique Dussel
Alan Reynolds

Pragmatism as Mediator and Reconciler
David Rondel

Piety and Natural Piety, William James and Richard Rorty
Stuart Rosenbaum

Pragmatic Naturalism
John Ryder

Representations without Representationalism: Price’s Sellarsian Pragmatism
Carl Sachs

American philosophy and its Eastern strains: Crisis, resilience, and self-transcendence
Naoko Saito

Achieving Deweyan Democracy in the Digital Age
Mark Sanders

The Chief Concern of Medicine: The Integration of the Medical Humanities and Narrative Knowledge into Medical Practices
Ronald Schleifer, Jerry Vannatta, Seth Vannatta

Pluralism and Dialectic: On James's Relationship to Hegel
Lucy Schultz

Thinking Progress Prior to Truth: Kitcher’s Ethics with James’s Truth
Bonnie Sheehey

Du Bois' Dubious Feminism
Celena Simpson

Radicalism, Pragmatism, and Critical Theory: A Peircean Response to Horkheimer's Critique
Clancy Smith

Native Hermeneutics: Reverse Typology and Remythologization, or: The Theological Genius In Black Elk’s ‘Dual Participation’
S. Joshua Thomas

Conscientization from within lo Cotidiano: Expanding the Work of Ada María Isasi-Díaz
Christopher Tirres

Jamesian Self-cultivation - Meliorism in the Double-barreled Stream of Experience
Mark Uffelman

Taking Other Human Beings Seriously: Rorty on Moral Choice and Responsibility
Christopher Voparil


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