SAAP Annual Meeting 2013

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Philosophy and Experiential Education

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Dorothy Rogers
Montclair State University
United States

Presentation/Discussion of experiential learning for undergraduate philosophy majors in an educational or non-profit setting. Educational placements involved serving as a teaching assistant in a K-12 classroom in which philosophy is offered. Non-profit placements involved assisting with program planning and community outreach for a public policy or community development organization. The value of a traditional liberal arts education has begun to be called into question in recent years. Yet philosophy develops in students a substantive, conceptual-critical lens through which to view the world, making them better able to evaluate and solve social and political problems. This program is part of a larger movement in philosophy to ensure the relevance of our discipline to matters in public life. Presenter will share the ways in which the program helped to expand the value of philosophy for undergraduate majors beyond the confines of the higher education classroom.


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