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Developing and Deploying Cosmopolitan Pragmatist Political Economy: Philosophers Wanted

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Judith Green
Fordham University
United States

Even before the global financial system’s collapse on September 15, 2008, and the demands for change that have followed, leading thinkers in political science, economics, and other disciplines began working in unacknowledged partnership with democracy activists world-wide to develop a more realistic, more just, and more sustainable paradigm of local-and-global political economy. Philosophers are now needed as “liaison officers,” in Dewey’s phrase, for three aspects of this collaborative project: (1) doing what Rorty called “janitorial clean-up work” on problematic theoretical concepts and assumptions; (2) critically and creatively linking researchers across disciplinary lines with various publics in problem-focused inquiries, as Putnam and Bernstein have proposed; and (3) outlining a cosmopolitan pragmatist philosophical framework for this new paradigm of political economy that combines a realistic relational ontology, a multi-perspectival, experimental epistemology, a diversity-inclusive, experience-based ethics, and a context-sensitive account of democratic transformative praxis.


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