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Recontextualizing Dewey’s Philosophy of Education – Three Critical Turns

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Jim Garrison
Virginia Tech
United States

Stefan Neubert
University of Cologne

Kersten Reich
University of Cologne

These papers recontextualize and somewhat reconstruct Deweyan philosophy for a new generation that has come of age in a very different world than that in which Dewey lived and wrote. They do so in critical-creative dialogue with three post-modern thinkers: Zygmunt Bauman, Jacques Derrida, and Emmanuel Levinas. Of course, such recontextualization and reconstruction are consonant with Dewey’s own contextually sensitive philosophy of reconstruction. The panelists are all philosophers of education and approach Dewey and his dialogue partners from an educational perspective. The first paper develops important aspects of what the author calls the “cultural turn” in Dewey before exploring reconstructive possibilities opened up by the post-modern sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. The second paper considers what the author calls the "constructive and reconstructive turn" in Dewey in terms of Derridian deconstruction. The last paper explores what the author calls the "communicative turn" in Dewey with a view to radical Otherness in Levinas.


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