SAAP Annual Meeting 2013

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Feminist Interpretations of William James

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Nathifa Greene
Stony Brook University
United States

Lorraine Code
York University

Peg O'Connor
Gustavus Adolphus College
United States

Jeff Edmonds
Vanderbilt University
United States

Erin Tarver
James Madison University
United States

This panel is composed of five papers (two from senior scholars, three from junior scholars) that critically explore the value of James’ pragmatism for feminist philosophy. While it will include polished papers, the panel is intended as a brainstorming session for stimulating additional feminist work on James in support of a forthcoming volume, Feminist Interpretations of William James (in Penn State’s Re-Reading the Canon Series). To accommodate more than the customary number of papers on a SAAP panel, the panel organizers will ask each of the five presenters to stick to a 2500-3000 word limit. The submission deadline for the edited volume is September 1, 2013, providing sufficient time for new work on James to be produced in the wake of the panel. Thus, the proposed panel should have a substantial positive impact on the field of pragmatist feminist philosophy even beyond the event of the March SAAP conference itself.


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