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" Ceaseless Interweaving" Follett's Integrative Process

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Judy Whipps
Grand Valley State University
United States

Integration is a central concept in the work of Mary Parker Follett, in some ways comparable to the concept of experience in Dewey’s philosophy. For Follett, integration is an ontological principle – it describes the nature of being and growth. It is also the foundation of her political theory and, later, central to her work with conflict resolution. Integration has become a hot topic in discussions of interdisciplinary work. This paper takes the somewhat unusual step of comparing Follett to contemporary thinkers in interdisciplinary theory in addition to classical American philosophers and as such is intended to demonstrate Follett’s possible contribution to a contemporary philosophy of interdisciplinary education. True integration requires working in a “power-with” rather than “power-over” environment, a point that has been taken up by contemporary feminists. Follett also addresses the type of education needed to prepare one for integrative work which has implications for contemporary pedagogical practice.


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