SAAP Annual Meeting 2013

Papers Proceedings

Peirce’s Critique of the Cartesian Maxim
David Agler

Multiple Personality Disorder and Dewey's Philosophy
Michael Allen

Pragmatism and Religion: Thoreau, Peirce, and Religious Naturalism
Douglas Anderson, Robert King, Thurman Willison

Synoptic Pluralism
Randall Auxier

The American Style in Philosophy
Maria Baghramian, Aine Kelly, Sarin Marchetti, Fergal McHugh

Affirming Denial: Peirce and Brandom on an Alleged Blindspot of Classical Pragmatism
Dave Beisecker

Environmental Pragmatism, Immediate Value, and a Sense of Place
Kelvin Booth

John Rawls’s " Pragmatic Turn" and his Moderate Cosmopolitanism
Daniele Botti

Saving God: John Dewey's Attack on the Demons of Philosophy
Michael Brady

Roycean Insurance and Moral Cosmopolitanism
Daniel Brunson

The Range of Lincoln's Pragmatism
James Campbell

Feminist Interpretations of William James
Lorraine Code, Jeff Edmonds, Nathifa Greene, Peg O'Connor, Erin Tarver

Action and Historical Absolutes: Existential Strains in American Philosophy
Megan Craig, Michael J. McGandy, Mark D. Moorman, Katie Terezakis

In London Street: The Dewey - Trotsky Encounter in Politics and Praxis
Kevin S Decker

James and Rorty on Experience and the Limits of Epistemology
Alexis Dianda

Pragmatism and Justice
Susan Dieleman, David Rondel, Christopher Voparil

Going Backwards to Go Forward: Language and Experience in Rorty and Classical Pragmatism
Russell J. Duvernoy

Reading Addams's Democracy and Social Ethics as a Social Gospel, Evolutionary Idealist Text
Marilyn Fischer

Pragmatist Approaches to Philosophy of Religion
Randy Friedman, Michael Slater, Willie Young

Recontextualizing Dewey’s Philosophy of Education – Three Critical Turns
Jim Garrison, Stefan Neubert, Kersten Reich

Developing and Deploying Cosmopolitan Pragmatist Political Economy: Philosophers Wanted
Judith Green

Bugbee's Wilderness: Metaphysical and Montanan
David Henderson

Entertainment is Not Art: A Pragmatist Defense of an Aesthetic Distinction
David Hildebrand

Epicurean Pragmatism
Charlie Hobbs

Occupying Worldwide: George Herbert Mead and Radical Cosmopolitanism
Joshua Houston

Political Naturalism, or the Humanism of John Dewey
Jady Hsin

The Vagueness of Theistic Interpretations of William James’ Pluralism
Nate Jackson

Reading Anna J. Cooper with William James: Black Feminist Visionary Pragmatism, Philosophy's Culture of Justification, and Belief
V. Denise James

Fact, Propaganda or Legitimate Aspiration? Frondizi on the Philosophic Unity of the Two Americas
Terrance MacMullan

Saving the Notion of Representation: Some New Pragmatic Perspectives on the Troublesome Old Term
Roman Madzia

Functional Families: Defending the Childless by Choice
Timothy McCune

The Role of Love and Friendship in Royce’s Tragic View of Life
Richard P. Mullin

Pragmatism and Biological Thinking in the Evolutionary Philosophy of Chauncey Wright (traditional paper)
Andrea Parravicini

Reconstruction in Mind, Brain, and Education: Pragmatic Commitments for Collaborative Inquiry
Zach Piso

The Role of Peirce's Critical Common-Sensism in his Pragmatism
Francesco Poggiani

Genocide and Agency
Scott Pratt

Hayek's Challenge to Dewey
Alan Reynolds

Philosophy and Experiential Education
Dorothy Rogers

Affirmation, Maturation, and Hope: Pragmatism's Contribution
Stephen Rowe

The dawning of American philosophy: From Putnam and Rorty towards Cavell
Naoko Saito

Beyond Embodiment: John Dewey and the Integrated Mind
Joshua Skorburg

Pragmatic Consensus Theories of Morality
Timothy Sparks

Freeing Dewey's Unmodern Plato: Incorporating the Lost Manuscript into Dewey's Experiment with Greek Philosophy
Albert Spencer

Maker’s Knowledge: Time, Knowing, and the Creative Act
Aaron Stoller

" Ceaseless Interweaving" Follett's Integrative Process
Judy Whipps

Reclaiming the Pragmatist Sociological Imagination of C. Wright Mills
David Woods


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