Awards and Prizes at the Annual Conference

There are six awards and prizes given at the annual SAAP meeting. Lists of past winners are here.

1. Herbert Schneider Award
This award recognizes a career-long achievement of "distinguished contributions to the understanding of American Philosophy."

2. Douglas Greenlee Prize
This is awarded to the best paper presented at the annual meeting by either a graduate student or a person holding a Ph.D. for no more than five years. Eligible submitters should make explicit mention in their submission that they wish to be considered for the prize.

3. Ila and John Mellow Prize
This award recognizes excellence in advancing the American philosophical tradition toward the resolution of current personal, social and political problems. The Ila and John Mellow Prize of $250 is offered to the person whose paper is judged to be the best in:
-- developing the treasure house of methods and ideas beyond the stage they are found in the classical works of American philosophy, or
-- relating these ideas and methods to contemporary issues with a view to enhancing our understanding of current problems or our ability to resolve them. The Prize is offered in the memory of Ila and John Mellow, parents of Shirley Mellow Lachs, whose sound common sense made them the embodiments of the practical philosophy of America, and is made possible through the generosity of John and Shirley Lachs.

4. Joseph L. Blau Prize
This prize ($350) is offered to the author of the paper that makes the most significant contribution to the history of American Philosophy from colonial times to the recent present. The Blau Prize is made possible through the generosity of Professor Peter Hare.

5. The Jane Addams Prize
The Jane Addams Prize recognizes excellence in feminist scholarship in American philosophy. It is awarded to the best paper presented at the annual meeting on issues in feminist thought as they occur in American philosophies, including their intersections with race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, (dis)ability and age, etc.The prize is open to panels as well as regular paper presentations. In order to be considered for the prize as a panel, please submit the complete papers of all the panelists.

6. The Inter-American Philosophy Award
The Committee on Inter-American Relations will present the Inter-American Philosophy Award to the best submitted paper concerning Latin American, Latino/a, or indigenous philosophies across the Americas that is presented at the Annual Meeting. The Award includes a cash prize, and the winning paper will be published in The Inter-American Journal of Philosophy.

Schneider Award Recipients are here. The rest are below.


Ermine Algaier, Greenlee
Susan Dieleman, Mellow
Marilyn Fischer, Blau
Danielle Lake, Addams
Terrance MacMullan, Inter-American


David Henderson, Greenlee
Joshua Skorburg, Mellow
Marilyn Fischer, Blau
Denise James, Addams
Terrance MacMullan, Inter-American


Timothy McCune, Greenlee
Shane Ralston, Mellow
Naoko Saito, Blau
Carol Hay, Addams


Lucas McGranahan, Greenlee
Felicia Kruse, Mellow
Charlene Haddock Seigfried, Blau
John Kaag, Addams


Robert Main, Greenlee
Heath Atchley, Mellow
Tom Burke, Blau
Amrita Banerjee, Addams


Mathew Foust, Greenlee
Christopher Voparil, Mellow
Thomas Alexander, Blau
Maurice Hamington, Addams


Barbara Lowe, Greenlee
Judy Whipps, Mellow
Ray Boisvert, Blau
Barbara Lowe, Addams


David Rondel, Greenlee
Naoki Saito, Mellow
Todd Lekan, Blau


John Kaag, Greenlee
Colin Koopman, Mellow
David Strand, Blau


Martin Coleman, Greenlee Prize ($250)
Colin Koopman, Mellow Prize ($250)
Felicia Kruse, Blau Award ($300)