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Human Dignity and (Post)Postmodernism in Ethics: Perspectives of Lyotard, Rorty and Hickman

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Mark Tschaepe
Prairie View A&M University
United States

Human dignity has been a traditionally foundational concept in ethics. In the following, I describe the concept of human dignity with regard to ethics once we recognize our postmodern condition, which leads to a multiplicity of perspectives. Here I offer three postmodern perspectives upon human dignity. The first position I address is that of Jean-François Lyotard, whose work, The Postmodern Condition, is considered a definitive postmodern text. The second perspective is that of Richard Rorty, a distinctly American postmodernist who reveals the strong connection between the pragmatist tradition and the postmodern condition. The third perspective is that of Larry Hickman, who advocates what he terms post-postmodernism. Hickman’s position not only includes that of the postmodern condition, but extends beyond it with the use of an instrumentalist perspective that pertains to the casuistic question of determining the value of a given conception of human dignity.


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