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The Fitness of an Ideal

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Aaron Massecar
University of Guelph

The paper is about making a place for a Peircan Ethics. The paper begins by briefly outlining the theory/practice problem. The paper then moves on to talking about the development of Ethics as a normative science. Finally, the paper concludes with a brief explanation of why Peirce likely had such a hard time calling ethics a normative science. It is no surprise that Peirce came upon Ethics as a Normative Science at the same time that he wrote about the ideals of conduct in 1903. It is only through the conscious adoption of ideals that have been subject to critique that we can then form the habits necessary that move us beyond theory and back into practice, practices that are not subject to the critiques that plague tenacity, authority, and the a priori methods, but that contribute to the growth of concrete reasonableness.


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