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Reimagining America: North American Pragmatism and the Hispanic/Latino World

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Jeffrey Edmonds
Vanderbilt University
United States

Abstract: This paper argues that a genuine analysis of the relation between pragmatism and the Hispanic/Latino world must take place within the world of concrete experience. Following Eduardo Mendieta’s call for Latinos and pragmatists to work together on behalf of a new view of citizenship, I suggest that approaching the problem of the production of a Hispanic/Latino pragmatism through the method of radical empiricism entails three principles that might guide this production: 1) the avoidance of false antagonisms at the level of concepts, 2) the identification of possible relations between pragmatism and the Hispanic/Latino world at the level of concrete experience, and 3) self-reflection by and for academic philosophers about the power interests at stake in the production of this relation. This approach allows perspectives on pragmatism as an attitude, temperament, and way of life already native to the Hispanic/Latino world.


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