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Out of the Shadows: A Right to be Perceived and the Undocumented Immigrant Worker

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Barbara Lowe
St. John Fisher College
United States

Being receptively perceived by others is a necessary component of full self-realization. Thus, since the right to self is fundamental, being receptive perceived or, at the least, being able to demand that others genuinely attempt to receptively receive you and your situation should be included in what we count as a basic human right, available to all regardless of one’s documented or undocumented status. This right is rooted in a social understanding of the nature of the self and connects with not only a right to engage in social transactions but also to a right to certain kinds of social transactions; namely, those that are characterized by receptive perception. Implications for policies and practices in connection with undocumented immigrants will be discussed, arguing, as one example, that acts such as the Dream Act should be embraced and policies such as E-verify and “Secure Communities” are, in practice, ethically problematic.


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