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“Sisterhood is Work:” “Solidarity” as “Integration” and Feminist Praxis across Difference

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Amrita Banerjee
Oregon State University
United States

The current context reminds feminists of both the urgency of solidarity across differences and the challenge of differences at the same time. It is crucial to rethink the notion of “solidarity” such that it is willing to engage differences without the intention of assimilating or overriding these. In this paper, I offer an alternative formulation of the project of “solidarity” as being a “problem of boundaries.” I highlight and critique some of the popular moves that happen in name of “feminist solidarity,” and analyze their failure to resolve the boundary problem. I then bring pragmatist thinker Mary Parker Follett into the conversation, and build on her concept of “integration.” I argue that a Follettian approach to “integration” resolves the boundary problem more successfully, and is better equipped to generate unity and deal with differences in a non-assimilative way. Integration also has great potential to yield an “ethics of humility.”


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