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American Philosophy and Environmental Education

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Anthony L. Cashio
Webster University
United States

Justin Bell
University of Houston - Victoria
United States

Kevin Taylor
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
United States

American Philosophy has a considerable amount to contribute to environmental education. Our panel will not argue for reasons to value non-human nature. Instead, this panel shares an environmental consciousness, a belief that we should seek sustainability in our lifestyles, and a concern that environmental degradation poses a severe impediment to our future. We focus on environmental education and how pragmatism can teach environmental awareness. We share the belief that the tools of pragmatism are beneficial for this sort of education. The first paper follows the thought of Mead and Dewey to suggest that the environment be considered a social institution. The second paper argues that Moral Imagination might be positively constituted by an “Ecological Paradigm.” Finally, the third paper argues that James and Dewey’s pragmatism can be applied to teach ecological awareness using an example of an explicitly pragmatic lay Buddhist project in Japan.


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