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Addams and Immigration: Cultivating Cosmopolitan Identities through a Transnational Public Ethos of Care

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Celia Bardwell-Jones
Towson University
United States

In this paper, I examine Addams’ discussion of the immigrant as emerging cosmopolitan subjects through the framework of an ethics of care. Addam’s call for a moral orientation of care developed in her notion of sympathetic understanding and affectionate interpretation can be extended into her discussion of the immigrant, which develops, as I argue, into a transnational public ethos of care. This transnational public ethos of care implicit in Addams work underscores a social ontology of boundaries, which recognizes the space-between specific encounters with culturally different others. I argue that Addams construction of the immigrant as a model for the modern cosmopolitan subject can aid us in understanding the international impact of transnational identities to American social life.


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