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SAAP Annual Meeting

Full Program

Thursday, 15 March 2012
Excursion to U.N. (Holiday Inn)Please RSVP to Joe Vukov at saap.fordham@gmail.com
Leaves from Holiday Inn lobby, led by David Woods
Lowenstein Bldg (LL), Plaza LevelLL Plaza Level/Faculty Dining RoomPlaza Level, Lowenstein Bldg
Registration9th Ave. at 60th St. Refreshments Book Exhibit
Charles S. Peirce Society: Papers in Honor of Richard RobinRosa Mayorga"The Proof of the Pudding: An Essay in Honor of Richard S. Robin"
Vincent Colapietro, Penn State University

"Robinesque Reflections on Normative Science"
T.L. Short, Independent Scholar
Growing the CityWilliam GavinA Deweyan Defense of Guerrilla GardeningShane Ralston, Penn State University HazletonAchieving Dewey’s Vision of a Radical Democracy: The Necessary Contributions of George Herbert Mead David Woods, Southern Connecticut State UniversityRoman Madzia Pragmatism and Religion: Evolutionary DirectionsRobert LanePragmatism and Religion: Evolutionary DirectionsRoger Ward, Georgetown College; Robert King, Utah State University; David O'Hara, Augustana College Pragmatism Now and Then, Here and ThereMatthew JacobsWhither Pragmatism?Raymond Boisvert, Siena CollegeReimagining America: North American Pragmatism and the Hispanic/Latino WorldJeffrey Edmonds, Vanderbilt UniversityPatrick Dooley
Refreshment Break (Faculty Dining Room/Plaza Level)
Liberating Faith: Popular Ritual, Zapatismo, and Prophetic PragmatismChris TirresLiberating Faith: Popular Ritual, Zapatismo, and Prophetic PragmatismChris Tirres, DePaul University; Mariana Alessandri, University of Texas-Pan American; Alexander Stehn, University of Texas-Pan American Metaphysical Society of AmericaBrian G. Henning"A Second Look at Secondness in Peirce and Hegel"
Michael Baur, Fordham University

"Santayana's 'Vital Unity': Rescuing Naturalism from Physicalism"
Jessica Wahman, Dickinson College

Discussant: David Weissman, City College of New York
Pragmatism in Historical ContextCorey McCallThe Forgotten NaturalismLawrence Cahoone, College of the Holy CrossPragmatism: Modern or Postmodern?Andrew Garnar, Clemson UniversityStan Harrison The Will to Believe and the Will to PowerAlexander LivingstonWilliam James’s Ethics of Self-Transformation: The Will, The Will to Believe, & The Value of Freedom Colin Koopman, University of OregonMasters and Saints: William James as Early American Interpreter of Nietzsche Lucas McGranahan, University of California, Santa CruzMegan Mustain Traditional Publics, Spatial and CyberspatialPat ShadePublics and Places: An Architecture of DemocracyGregory Fahy, University of Maine at AugustaA Pragmatist Review of E-Democracy & The Digital DivideKandace Kellett-Riddle, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleTadd Ruetenik
Richard Bernstein: Pragmatist Philosopher of the Global City, Cultural Pluralism, and the Arts (McNally Amphitheatre/Law School)Judith Green, Fordham University
Larry Hickman, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Ramón del Castillo, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid
David McClean, Rutgers University-Newark and Molloy College

Response: Richard J. Bernstein, New School for Social Research
Reception (Platt Atrium/Law School)
Friday, 16 March 2012
Engaged Philosophers and Social Action (LL502)David Sprintzen
Lowenstein Bldg (LL), Plaza LevelFaculty Dining Room/Plaza LevelPlaza Level, Lowenstein Bldg
Registration Refreshments Book Exhibit
Continental Breakfast (Faculty Dining Room/Plaza Level)
Ecological Pragmatism: Marginalia for a Marginalized ProgramDavid WoodsEcological Pragmatism: Marginalia for a Marginalized ProgramZachary Piso, Allegheny College; Bradley Brewster, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Tess Varner, University of Georgia EpistemologyKimberly Lockwood"Secularity and Biblical Literalism: Confronting the Challenge of Epistemological Diversity"Andrew Smith, Drexel UniversityWilliam James, Donna Haraway, and Vision: Finitude and the Optics of KnowledgeMatthew Jacobs, University of OregonDwight Welch Graduate Student SessionKandace Kellett-Riddle"Josiah Royce on Leading Ideas and Scientific Inquiry"
William Baird, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

"Peirce's Idea of God as a Living Cosmos Open to Growth. Some Clarifications on the Religious Conception of God"
Julianna Acosta Lopez de Mesa, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

"The Concept of Rule-following in the Philosophy of George Herbert Mead"
Roman Madzia, Masaryk University-Czech Republic; visiting Fulbright Scholar at University of Toledo
Insurrection, Sources of Oppression, and LiberationJaime NubiolaUniversal Human Liberation and Insurrectionist Ethics or An Excursus Honoring the Guile and Enmity of Leonard HarrisLee McBride, The College of WoosterDemocratic Theory: Interests, Antagonisms and DialogueJohn Ryder, Khazar University; Leszek Koczanowicz, Higher School of Social PsychologyDenise James The American Roots of Medical Ethics -- Care and VirtueRussell GoodmanThe American Roots of Medical Ethics – Care and VirtueJohn Kaag, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Kim Garchar, Kent State University; Josh Thomas, St. John's University
Refreshment Break (Faculty Dining Room/Plaza Level)
Coss Dialogue Lecture (McNally Amphitheatre/Law School)"How to Submit to Inquiry: Dewey and Foucault"
Paul Rabinow, University of California-Berkeley
Cafeteria Atrium 2Cafeteria Atrium 1
Lunch on your own Group Meeting: The Jane Collective Board Meeting
Fordham University Press Poster Session (Plaza Level, Lowenstein Bldg)
Coss Dialogue PanelColin KoopmanLarry Hickman, Southern Illimois University-Carbondale

Brad Elliot Stone, Loyola Marymount University

Danielle Lake, Grand Valley State University
Ethics, Ideals, and Moral PrinciplesPat ShadeThe Fitness of an IdealAaron Massecar, University of GuelphPragmatism and the Behavior of Moral Reasons: Towards a Moderate HolismNate Jackson, Baylor UniversityJoao Queiroz Hegemony, Pragmatic Method, and DemocracyGreg LynchThe Possibility of Phenomenology: Scheler's Confrontation with PragmatismZachary Davis, St. John's UniversityThe Dangers of Democracy as a Second RealityMyron Jackson, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleMark Sanders Individual IdentityLee McBrideTroubling the Monoracial Du BoisCelena Simpson, University of OregonOut of the Shadows: A Right to be Perceived and the Undocumented Immigrant WorkerBarbara Lowe, St. John Fisher CollegeDorothy Rogers Neuropragmatism: Bridging the Sciences and the Humanities Towards Ameliorative EndsKelly BoothNeuropragmatism: Bridging the Sciences and the Humanities Towards Ameliorative EndsTibor Solymosi, Allegheny College; Teed Rockwell, Sonoma State University; Bill Bywater, Allegheny College
Refreshment Break (Faculty Dining Room/Plaza Level)
Aesthetic ExperienceRichard HartArt between Experience and Interpretation: Dewey’s Aesthetic TheorySerge Grigoriev, Ithaca College, NYDewey’s Art as Experience and Socially Grounded Art Practices: Duchamp to Contemporary Relational Aesthetics John Giordano, Union Institute & UniversityGlenn Kuehn Author Meets Critics: John Kaag, Pragmatism, Feminism, and Idealism in the Philosophy of Ella Lyman CabotSeth VannattaErin McKenna, Pacific Lutheran University

Mary Magada-Ward, Middle Tennessee State University

Judy Whipps, Grand Valley State University
Pragmatism, Feminism, and Idealism in the Philosophy of Ella Lyman CabotSeth Vannatta, Morgan State UniversityJohn Kaag
Deweyan DemocracyTanya JeffcoatDeweyan Democracy DefendedDavid Rondel, Ryerson University"What Price Pluralism?:" A Reply to Robert TalissePhil Mayo, University of OregonShannon Kincaid Media, Objectivity, and Public Inquiry: Pragmatic Strategies for Deliberating in an Age of ManipulationAaron Massecar"Media, Objectivity, and Public Inquiry: Pragmatic Strategies for Deliberating in an Age of Manipulation"David Hildebrand, University of Colorado Denver ; Stephen Ward, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Bill Caspary, New York University SAAP Committee on Inter-American Relations and the Caribbean Philosophical Association: Epistemological Horizons in the Other AmericasGregory Fernando Pappas"Dussel's Transmodernity as Counter-Narrative"
Linda Alcoff, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

"From the Idea of Latin America to the Decolonial Turn: Contributions from Latina/o and Caribbean Philosophy"
Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Rutgers University

"Only the Wretched May Have facultad: Crossing Borders in Education Through a Dialogue Between Gloria Anzaldúa and Frantz Fanon"
Rosario Torres-Guevara, Borough of Manhattan Community College

"Remnants of a Colonial Legacy: Douglass, Haiti and Freedom in International Affairs"
Eddy Soufrant, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Registration Desk, Plaza Level
Excursion to Museum of Modern ArtPlease RSVP to Joe Vukov at saap.fordham@gmail.com Dinner on your own
Group Meetings
Fordham University Press Reception (536 West 112th Street)Book Culture Bookstore
Saturday, 17 March 2012
Lowenstein Bldg (LL), Plaza LevelFaculty Dining Room/Plaza LevelPlaza Level, Lowenstein Bldg
Registration Refreshments Book Exhibit
Continental Breakfast (Faculty Dining Room/Plaza Level)
Group & New Book MeetingsRoyce Society, LL502
American Philosophy Outside of AmericaPatrick DooleyGabriel Marcel and American PhilosophyDavid Rodick, Xavier University - Cincinnati, OHReflections on Emerson and Non-European ThoughtRussell Goodman, University of New MexicoStuart Rosenbaum Associazione Pragma: Kinds of Reasoning and NormativityJames Campbell"Creative Gestures: A Pragmatist View"
Giovanni Maddelena, University of Molise

"Moral Reasoning and Pragmatic Objectivity"
Roberto Frega, University of Bologna

"The Logic of Judgment of Practice and Critical Thinking"
Maura Striano & Stefano Oliverio, University Federico II - Napoli
Dignity, Justice, and CommunityJeffrey EdmondsIronic Wrongdoing and the Arc of the UniverseRandall Auxier, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleHuman Dignity and (Post)Postmodernism in Ethics: Perspectives of Lyotard, Rorty and HickmanMark Tschaepe, Prairie View A&M UniversityMichael Allen ImaginationElise SpringerThe value of art as an imaginative practice: Dewey, MacIntyre and overcoming the intrinsic/instrumental divide Philipp Dorstewitz, Maastricht University; Katinka Waelbers, Maastricht UniversityThe Dialogues as Dramatic Rehearsal: Plato’s Republic and the Moral Accounting MetaphorAlbert Spencer, Portland State UniversityCorey McCall John William Miller's Actualism and the Genealogy of IdealismMichael McGandyJohn William Miller’s Actualism and the Genealogy of IdealismMichael McGandy, Cornell University Press; M. D. Moorman, Catholic University of America; Katie Terezakis, Rochester Institute of Technology; Stephen Tyman, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Solidarity and LoyaltyDanielle LakeLoyalty at a Crossroads: Roycean Resources for Liberatory StruggleMathew Foust, Lander University“Sisterhood is Work:” “Solidarity” as “Integration” and Feminist Praxis across DifferenceAmrita Banerjee, Oregon State UniversityMark Fagiano
Refreshment Break (Faculty Dining Room/Plaza Level)
Cosmopolitanism in Addams and DeweyMartin ColemanAddams and Immigration: Cultivating Cosmopolitan Identities through a Transnational Public Ethos of CareCelia Bardwell-Jones, Towson UniversityIs Dewey more cosmopolitan than Thoreau?Naoko Saito, Kyoto UniversityGregory Fernando Pappas Nordic Pragmatism Network: (Im)mortality in the Light of PragmatismBjørn Ramberg"Eternity as Immortality: Emerson's Last Pinnacle of Religiousity"
Heikki A. Kovalainen, University of Tampere

"Pragmatism and the Meaning of Death"
Henrik Rydenfelt, University of Helsinki

"Human Mortality and Problem Solving"
Ulf Zackariasson, Uppsala University

Discussant: Sami Pihlström, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Normative Inquiry in History and LawMarjorie MillerConservatism, Pragmatism, and Historical InquirySeth Vannatta, Morgan State UniversityComparing Natural and Normative Inquiry The “Real” and the “Right” as Ordering ConceptsFrederic Kellogg, The George Washington UniversityJoshua Skorburg Pragmatist Aesthetics: Retrospect and ProspectChristopher VoparilPragmatist Aesthetics: Retrospect and ProspectChristopher Voparil, Union Institute & University; Paul Taylor, Penn State University; Thomas Alexander, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; Cynthia Gayman, Murray State University; Pradeep Dhillon, University of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignRichard Shusterman Social Cooperation and Deweyan PublicsAlbert SpencerDeliberative Democracy, the Problem of Motivation, and the Promise of Social CooperationChristopher Collins, Fordham UniversityHow Can a Church Be a Public? A Deweyan AnalysisAaron Pratt, University of OregonRoger Ward
Cafeteria Atrium 1
Lunch on your own Board MeetingLocation TBA -- at Fordham
American Philosophy and Environmental EducationPhilipp DorstewitzAmerican Philosophy and Environmental EducationAnthony L. Cashio, Webster University; Justin Bell, University of Houston - Victoria; Kevin Taylor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Individual AgencySteven MillerThe Deweyan Individual as EcologicalTanya Jeffcoat, University of Central ArkansasDewey’s Dilemma: Eugenics, Education, and the Art of LivingTimothy McCune, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleJames Garrison Nature and NaturalismGregory FahyThe Intertwining of Culture and Nature: Boas, Dewey, and Deweyan Strands of American AnthropologyCharles Hobbs, Gonzaga University; Gabriel Torres, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, INSurvival of the Fittest Laws of Nature: Peirce and the Paradox of HybridsCharles Carlson, Texas A&M UniversityTrevor Pearce Objectivity and Political PluralismCherilyn KeallJustice and Objectivity for PragmatistsCarol Hay, University of Massachusetts LowellPragmatism, Pluralism, and the StateJessica Hejny, University of OregonKyle Bromhall Society for the Study of Africana PhilosophyAlfred E. Prettyman"How Hegel's Insights Inform African-American Thought on the Haitian Revolution"
Frank Kirkland, CUNY Graduate Center/Hunter College

Discussant: Jameliah Shorter, Penn State University
Business Meeting (Pope Auditorium/Lowenstein Bldg)
Presidential Address (Pope Auditorium/Lowenstein Bldg)“Mining the Past, Acting in the Present, and Enriching the Future”
Jacquelyn Kegley, California State University-Bakersfield
Presidents Reception (Plaza Level, Lowenstein Bldg)
Banquet (Cafeteria Atrium)


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