Robert Neville readings:

Recovery of the Measure (Albany, NY: State University of New
York Press, 1989), Parts 2 & 3.

Recommended Readings:

Recovery of the Measure, Parts 1 & 4

Reconstruction of Thinking (Albany, NY: State University of
New York Press, 1981).

Normative Cultures (Albany, NY: State University of New York
Press, 1995).

Attendees can then either purchase the book(s) or borrow
it/them through their own libraries.

Mitchell Aboulafia readings:

In George Herbert Mead, Mind Self and Society: From the Standpoint of a Social Behaviorist (Chicago: Unversity of Chicago Press, 1934). From the section on "The Self," pp. 135-164; 173-178.

In Selected Writings: George Herbert Mead, ed. Andrew J. Reck (Chicago, Chicago U. Press, 1964)

1) "National-Mindedness and International-Mindedness," 355-370.
2) "Philanthropy from the Point of View of Ethics," 392-407

Recommended in Selected Writings, "The Social Self," 142-149.

Recommended for a relatively brief overview, "George Herbert Mead" (Aboulafia), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

I have set up a list of recommended works by Mead, on Mead, or relating to Mead on Amazon.

Arthur Lothstein suggested core reading list:

SEMINAR I ("READING EMERSON IN THE 21ST CENTURY"): The major essays, including the poem "Blight," and especially "Nature" (1836 and 1844 versions), "The American Scholar," "Circles," "Compensation," "History," "Self-Reliance," "The Method of Nature," "The Poet" "Experience," and "Fate." Also consult the index for "reading" in EMERSON IN HIS JOURNALS

SEMINAR II ("TEACHING FOR THE LUSTRES: THE EMERSONIAN TEACHER OR THE EMERSON THAT ALMOST NOBODY KNOWS"): "Nominal and Realist," "The Divinity School Address," "The Transcendentalist," "The Poet," `"The Over-Soul," "Spiritual Laws," "Society and Solitude," "Self-Reliance,""The American Scholar," and "Education." Also consult the index for "teacher" and "education" in EMERSON IN HIS JOURNALS.

NB: I would urge attendees to read selectively in Joel Porte's edition of EMERSON IN HIS JOURNALS, or to use collections of the essays that include representative selections from his journals.

Valuable collections include: (1)EMERSON'S PROSE AND POETRY, selected and edited by Joel Porte and Saundra Morris, Norton Critical Edition (contains entries from Emerson's voluminous journal and a number of fine critical essays by seminal Emersonian scholars (Firkins, Porte, Packer, Whicher, Cavell, West, Poirier, et al); the wonderful and anonymous message from the editors of "The Dial" to the reader (July 1840); the texts of several of Emerson's sermons, including the "Pray without Ceasing"; numerous selections from Emerson's correspondence; the centennial address by William James and essays by Dewey and Santayana on Emerson. (2) Stephen Whicher ed., SELECTIONS FROM RALPH WALDO EMERSON, Riverside (contains selections from the journals and letters, but not the poem "Blight." (3) Emerson, ESSAYS: FIRST AND SECOND SERIES, Vintage, Library of America (contains an insightful introduction by Douglas Crase; the essays were selected by Joel Porte.

I will send later a short list of recommended critical essays, including ones by Harold Bloom, Stanley Cavell, Michael Lopez, Mary Oliver, R. A. Yoder, Sherman Paul, John J. McDermott, Robert C. Pollock, etc.