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Meetings at Other Conferences

Check the calendar for specific times/places of the following events:

    SAAP at the American Philosophical Association

  • the Eastern Division: Greg Fahy (University of Maine at Augusta), 2007-10
  • the Central Division: David L. O'Hara (Augustana College) 2009-11
  • the Pacific Division: Brendan Hogan (Pacific Lutheran University), 2006-09
  • The New York Pragmatist Forum

  • Contact: Judith Green (Fordham, U.) or Hugh McDonald

    Midwest Pragmatism Study Group

    Other Conferences in American Philosophy

    The Center for Inquiry and Center for Dewey Studies


    John Dewey's 150th Birthday Celebration, details here.
    An International Conference on Dewey's Impact on America and the World

    October 22-24, 2009
    Center for Inquiry, Amherst, New York

    Invited Speakers now include Nadine Strossen, current President of the American Civil Liberties Union; Philip Kitcher, John Dewey Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University; and Larry Hickman, Director of the Center for Dewey Studies.

    Please watch for future announcements and a call for papers. Co-sponsorships from philosophical societies and public policy organizations are welcome.

    For more information contact
    John Shook, Center for Inquuiry, <>
    Larry Hickman, Center for Dewey Studies, <>