Call for Papers

Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

34th ANNUAL MEETING,  March 8-10, 2007, University of South Carolina

The Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy cordially invites the submission of papers and proposals for its 34th annual meeting, to be held in Columbia, South Carolina. Papers in all areas of American philosophy are welcome.

2007 Submission Guidelines

Persons submitting papers or proposals must be members in good standing of SAAP. This includes each member of a proposed panel.

To become a member, please visit the SAAP membership form. The Society's Treasurer is William Myers, Birmingham-Southern College, BSC Box 549013, Birmingham, AL 35254, 205-226-4868,

DEADLINE for submissions is September 1, 2006. This is a firm deadline. As all submissions should be done electronically, we will stop accepting submissions at midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) on September 1. Please submit your paper or proposal following the guidelines below.

Electronic Submissions: All submissions must be submitted electronically. HTML or .RTF is preferred.

It is preferred that submissions be sent as an attachment to an email; please put <<SAAP Conference Submission from [your name]>> in the subject line. Persons who absolutely cannot do this may submit via CD sent through regular mail.

Submissions for Traditional Papers, Discussion Papers, and Panel Discussions must include TWO FILES:

  1. A file set up for anonymous review, entitled ANON SUBMISSION, that includes an abstract, the title, the paper, and the type of submission.
  2. A file that includes the title, type of submission, and author information.

If you are submitting a Poster Presentation or Book/Article Discussion, send only one file including author information.

Please note that, as described below, only Book Discussions, Poster Presentations, and Panel Proposals can submit with only an abstract.

Please also include any AV needs with your submission.

Confirmation: All persons making submissions will receive confirmation of receipt of their submission. If, after 7 days, there is a failure to receive confirmation, the submitter should resend and, if possible, use an alternative email address.

Number of Submissions: Please note that individuals will not be allowed on the program more than once. This means that multiple submissions will not be accepted and that persons participating in invited sessions may not submit to the regular program.

General Formatting

All submissions should be double-spaced. Avoid headers/footers because they often contain information that breaches anonymity.All submissions sent by email should be saved and sent as an attachment in either ".html" or ".rtf" format. Avoid sending ".doc" or ".dat" files. Do not send submissions in ".zip" format.Please use a standard format such as Times New Roman or Courier.

Anonymity: Traditional Papers, Discussion Papers, and Panel Proposals must be suitable for blind review. Please refrain from making references to your own work, your location, or anything obvious that could reveal your identity. If the author's identity can be determined through self-references, endnotes, etc., the submission will be disqualified.

Commentators and Session Chairs: Persons interested in serving in these capacities should contact the 2007 Program Co-Chairs, Cynthia Gayman and Mary Magada-Ward, and indicate areas of interest.

Student Travel Funds:  Limited travel funds are available to assist students whose papers are accepted for the program. Please Contact Bill Myers, SAAP Treasurer, for more information.

Greenlee Consideration: If you are currently a student or within five years of having completed your Ph.D, you are eligible for consideration for the Douglas Greenlee Prize. If you fit within these qualifications, please indicate this in (a) the body of the email that you use to make your submission and (b) in the file with your author information.

Prizes: Only papers that are accepted to the regular program are eligible for the Greenlee, Blau, Melow, and Addams Prizes.

Publication Possibilities: SAAP has an agreement with The Journal of Speculative Philosophy to publish selected papers from the annual SAAP conference. If your paper is accepted for the annual meeting, it will be considered for publication in the JSP unless you indicate in your email submission that you do not wish this to be the case. Only those papers that are complete at the time of submission will be considered for publication.

Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will not be considered or returned.

Submission Types

Traditional Pape: Papers should be no longer than 3500 words. (This applies only to those words that will actually be read aloud and so does not include the abstract, endnotes, etc.) Submissions must include a 100-150 word abstract. Longer papers, unless labeled as Discussion papers, will not be considered. Accepted papers will be presented in their entirety by the author during a session and, in most cases, will be followed by a ten minute commentary and a period of open discussion.

Discussion Paper: Papers should be no longer than 6000 words, including footnotes, title, subheadings, etc. Submissions must include a 100-150 word abstract. Discussion papers accepted for the program will be made available on line prior to the meeting. Those who attend discussion paper sessions are expected to have read the paper in advance. Presentation is limited to a ten minute summary or introductory statement. The remaining session time will be devoted to an invited commentary and open discussion.

Panel Discussion: Panel Discussion proposals should include a title page, an abstract of 450-600 words for the panel as a whole, and either complete papers (of no more than 3500 words -- see Traditional Paper above for count rule) or abstracts (of no fewer than 600 words) for each paper in the panel. The title page in the second file should include the title of the panel and a list of all confirmed participants and their institutional affiliations. The title page in the file for anonymous review should include only the title of the panel and the number of confirmed participants. The proposal should include a description of the issue that the session will address, an explanation of the relevance of this issue to the study of American philosophy or to wider social and philosophical issues, and an indication of how each paper in the panel addresses this issue. A panel discussion should provide an opportunity to examine specific problems or topics from a variety of perspectives and should do more than present a set of related papers. Please do not send a separate file for each panelist.

Poster Presentation: Proposals for Poster Presentations should be in the form of a description of the research project to be presented. The description should not be longer than 2600 words and should include a description of its relation to issues in American philosophy or wider social and philosophical issues. The proposal should also include a brief summary of materials to be included in the visual display. Poster Presentations will be on display throughout the meeting, with presenters available in the display area for a designated time during the meeting. Presenters may provide accompanying papers for distribution in the display area.

Book/Article Discussion: Proposals should include a brief summary of the book or article to be discussed and its general relation to American philosophy or wider social and philosophical issues. Proposals should not exceed 1500 words. All accepted book/article discussions will be scheduled as round-table discussion breakfast sessions at the hotel restaurant.

Submissions Should be Sent to:

Michael Eldridge Or, if email submission is not possible:

Michael Eldridge
Department of Philosophy
UNC Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

Other Contacts

Program Co-Chairs:

For all correspondence regarding the actual program:

Cynthia Gayman
Department of English and Philosophy
Faculty Hall 7-C
Murray State University
Murray, KY 42071

Mary Magada-Ward
Department of Philosophy
Box 73
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Local Arrangements and Conference Host:

Tom Burke
Department of Philosophy
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

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