SAAP 2008 Conference

The 2008 SAAP annual meeing will be in Michigan at MSU, March 13-15, 2008. Details TBA.

SAAP 2007 Conference

Conference details -- click here

Conference program -- click here

2007 Conference forum -- discuss and arrange logistics and ideas here here

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Annual Meetings

SAAP 2008 Conference

The 2008 SAAP annual meeing will be in Michigan at MSU, March 13-15, 2008. Details TBA.

2008 Call for Papers (.doc, here)

Submissions to:

Michael Eldridge

Or, if email submission is not possible:

Michael Eldridge, Department of Philosophy, UNC Charlotte, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28223, 704-687-3318

Program Co-Chairs:

For all correspondence regarding the actual program:


Program Co-Chairs:

John Lysaker, Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1295; 541-346-5549;

John Shook, Center for Inquiry Transnational, 3965 Rensch Road, Amherst, NY 14228; 716-636-4869 ext. 216;

Local Arrangements and Conference Host:

Paul Thompson, Professor of Philosophy, W. K. Kellogg Chair in Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics, Michigan State University

SAAP 2007

March 8th-10th
University of South Carolina,
Columbia, South Carolina

Conference Details

Conference program -- click here

Conference details -- click here

Local contact: Tom Burke

Co-Chairs, 2007 Program Committee:
Cynthia Gayman (Murray State University):
Mary Magada Ward (Middle Tennessee State University):

Call for Papers 2007 [now closed]

PLEASE NOTE: Persons submitting papers or proposals must be members in good standing of SAAP. This includes each member of a proposed panel.
To become a member, please visit the SAAP membership page (online payment is available).

There are three different formats available for the Call for Papers 2007 guidelines and contact information:

Graduate student Call for Papers, SAAP 2007 is here.

Awards and Prizes at the Annual Conference

There are now four awards and prizes given at the annual SAAP meeting.

  • Herbert Schneider Award
    This award recognizes a career-long achievement of "distinguished contributions to the understanding of American Philosophy."
    Herbert Schneider Award Recipients (.doc file)
  • Douglas Greenlee Prize
    This is awarded to the best paper presented at the annual meeting by either a graduate student or a person holding a Ph.D. for no more than five years. Eligible submitters should make explicit mention in their submission that they wish to be considered for the prize.
  • Ila and John Mellow Prize
    This award recognizes excellence in advancing the American philosophical tradition toward the resolution of current personal, social and political problems. The Ila and John Mellow Prize of $250 is offered to the person whose paper is judged to be the best in:
    • developing the treasure house of methods and ideas beyond the stage they are found in the classical works of American philosophy, or
    • relating these ideas and methods to contemporary issues with a view to enhancing our understanding of current problems or our ability to resolve them. The Prize is offered in the memory of Ila and John Mellow, parents of Shirley Mellow Lachs, whose sound common sense made them the embodiments of the practical philosophy of America, and is made possible through the generosity of John and Shirley Lachs.
  • Joseph L. Blau Prize
    This prize ($350) is offered to the author of the paper that makes the most significant contribution to the history of American Philosophy from colonial times to the recent present. The Blau Prize is made possible through the generosity of Professor Peter Hare.