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Calls for Reviewers

Reviewers Found--Books for Available for Review for the 18th Annual Book Review issue


No. 104—November 2006

UPDATE: The Selected Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson, edited by Ronald A. Bosco and Joel Myerson. [posted: August 24, 2006]

If you are interested in reviewing one of the following please indicate your interest by emailing both Patrick K. Dooley, NEWSLETTER editor and Jessica Wahman, Associate editor:

  • Susan Haack. ed. Pragmatism: Old and New
  • Shannon Sullivan, Revealing Whiteness.
  • Arleen Salles and Elizabeth Millan-Zaibert, eds. The Role of History in Latin American Philosophy
  • Brian Henning, The Ethics of Creativity
  • Lawrence Cahoone, Cultural Revolutions: Reason versus Culture in Philosophy, Political and Jihad
  • John Shook and Paulo Ghiraldelli, ed. Contemporary Pragmatism Vol. 2
  • Harry Stout, et. al. eds. Jonathan Edwards at 300
  • Josh Moody, Jonathan Edwards and the Enlightenment
  • Sami Pihlstrom, Pragmatic Moral Realism
  • Gabriel Marcel, The Metaphysique de Royce
  • Hans Achterhuis, ed. American Philosophy of Technology: The Empirical Turn
  • Douglas Anderson, Philosophy Americana: Making Philosophy at Home in America

A review of 1000-1500 words is expected; the deadline is 1 October; submit by email attachment.

Note the NEWSLETTER’s anti-nepotism policy:

Responding to concerns about perceived nepotism of reviewers (colleague/colleague or thesis director/ student or former mentor/student) the Executive Committee decided that, while an absolute prohibition against say, a former student reviewing the book of his/her dissertation advisor or mentor, might not be wise, in general such nepotism should be avoided. However since we am not aware of all these possible relationships and since we don't know where many of you potential reviewers gained your Ph Ds or are now teaching, will you please refrain from requesting a book for review when it appears that the sorts of nepotism noted above might be an issue?

Finally, in light of the above mentioned concern about nepotism potential reviewers please indicate:

  1. your dissertation advisor,
  2. where you earned your PHD and
  3. where you are now teaching

Thank you,

Patrick K. Dooley